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Considering Donating to R-MA? Here’s How Your Contribution Helps Create Lifelong Memories

Personal growth and support have always been defining features of the Randolph-Macon Academy student experience. That’s because our school nurtures meaningful relationships while creating memorable experiences that help young cadets become responsible, contributing members of their communities. 

R-MA Dorm Life Fosters Meaningful Relationships and Personal Growth

Rated as one of Virginia’s top 10 best boarding high schools by, R-MA provides students with the space and structure they need to explore their potential and grow into accomplished young adults. At R-MA, dorms are an extension of the classroom—where academic learning and personal growth are combined to create rich student life experiences.  

By supporting R-MA, you can help young cadets develop meaningful relationships

These experiences are brought to life by our dedicated cadet leaders, who engage with the cadet corps to provide valuable guidance in a family environment. Through our leadership programs, our young cadets are able to forge meaningful relationships with their seniors, contributing to their own personal and professional development. 

Engagement through Unique Activities

R-MA activities are designed to bring students together, creating a fun space for teamwork, friendly competition, and self-exploration. That includes everything from social events like dances and movie nights to exciting activities like horseback riding and gladiator-style jousting. Fun is a key aspect of student life at R-MA, fuelling experiences that become lifelong memories.   

Donor support helps us curate unique experiences that allow students to discover their interests, strengths, and potential through fun teamwork-based activities, like Boomer’s Run — developed in honor of General Walter Boomer ’56, an R-MA alumnus, 4-Star General, and Assistant Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. In this race, R-MA cadets work together to overcome a series of challenges, strengthening their communication and unit cohesion. 

During Boomer’s Run, students create fun memories by working together to win the race

Field Trips Create Lasting Memories while Promoting Curiosity and Exploration 

Our field trips are specifically tailored to provide students with fun social experiences that forge lifelong friendships. These weekend excursions allow students to bond and create meaningful memories together, exploring their curiosity and interests in new and exciting locations, such as the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, or the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in New York City.

Promoting personal growth through a strong sense of teamwork is at the core of our initiatives, where students are able to experience new things in a safe and structured environment.

On our field trips, students can make valuable memories while learning about the world around them

These experiences reinforce life skills, like independence and resourcefulness, leading to memories that last long after graduation. With your support, the connections made between fellow classmates can extend beyond the school setting and become precious, formative moments that many look back to. 

Would you like to donate to Randolph-Macon Academy?

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