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Celebrating the Class of 2022: Graduation Success at Our Private Academy

While a 100% college acceptance rate from Randolph-Macon Academy graduates is the norm year after year, we wanted to outline some of the highlights from this year’s graduating class. All 59 students who graduated this year from our college preparatory school are outstanding members of our community, and are on their way to making a difference in the world through their pursuit of higher education.

With a sincere commitment to collaboration, creativity, discipline, accountability, and more, our students leave R-MA adequately prepared to take on their college programs head first. Each of their unique strengths and personalities shine after their years on campus spent exploring academics, finding comfort in their community, and creating lifelong memories. Continue reading to see what this year’s graduates have accomplished, and where they’re headed next.

2022 Graduates Awarded Over $16.6 Million in Scholarships

Our class of 59 graduates achieved an incredible feat, earning over $16.6 million in scholarship offers. With an average of over $12 million in scholarships offered each year, this year’s class proved that their efforts were even stronger than previous years.

The reason R-MA students are able to build such impressive resumes for college applications is multifaceted. While R-MA offers diverse program options, a supportive family-like environment on campus, and extensive community service events, the students play a huge role in their own success. Our students rise up to every challenge they are presented with, going the extra mile to achieve their goals and match the portrait of an R-MA grad. With their ability to grow personally and professionally during their time at our boarding high school, students continue to impress us year after year as they move on to the next phase of their lives.

private academy
R-MA graduates will now represent our community at their dream schools across the country

Attending U.S. Service Academies After Boarding High School

Over one third of our graduates also received offers for Academy Appointments. With 16 U.S. Air Force Academy offers, two U.S. Military Academy West Point offers, and one offer each at the U.S Naval Academy and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, these 20 students have the option to pursue service alongside their education. Additionally, our 2022 graduates received six overall ROTC scholarship offers to the Air Force, Navy, and Army ROTC.

R-MA students, both male and female, have proven time and again that they deserve these well-earned spots in service academies. Beginning in their freshman year, they begin to build their goals around what a future aligned with their passions would look like. From there, they get all of the support they need to make those dreams a reality. In case you missed it, we highlighted some of the accomplishments of our female graduates who committed to these service academies. 

college preparatory school
Some of our boarding high school students are moving on to attend service academies

Acceptances at Over 120 Colleges and Universities

Service academies are not the only notable admissions that our private academy students earned. Students worked hard to create competitive college applications over the course of their time at R-MA, and succeeded in gaining acceptance to over 120 colleges and universities across the country. 

The exhaustive list is quite impressive, including both in-state and out-of-state institutions that will help our students further pursue their academic passions. From the local colleges and universities in Virginia, to the public and private schools on the west coast, our students have the option to attend their dream schools. Without their hard work and dedication, these opportunities would not have been possible. A huge congratulations to the class of 2022!

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