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Celebrating the 2021 Graduating Class of Our Private Academy

Each and every year, Randolph-Macon Academy is proud to see our cohort of students headed towards a determined and successful future. The 2021 graduating class is no exception. The educational experience at R-MA is one that challenges students to become inquisitive and ambitious in their academic and professional endeavors. That’s why our students have been accepted into some of the most prestigious universities in North America, and awarded millions of dollars annually in scholarships.

Here’s an overview of our 2021 student achievements and how R-MA works to uphold a high standard of academic success. 

University Scholarships Awarded to Graduates of Our College Preparatory School

At R-MA, we aim to prepare our students to meet the demands of their academic and professional pursuits. As such, R-MA is proud to uphold a 100% college acceptance rate among our graduating classes. Our students are admitted to top universities in the United States and around the world, where they have the chance to build upon their academic foundations. Prospective universities for students this year include the University of Washington, NYU, and Northwestern University. 

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graduates, graduation, 2020, seniors,

On average, our graduates receive over $6.5 million in college scholarships each year. 2021 has proven to be a particularly impressive year. In the class of 2021, 50 of our graduates received a total of $12.3 million in college scholarships. We also have students who received multiple scholarships, with totals ranging from $800,000 to $1.3 million for individual recipients. 

R-MA is delighted to play a part in raising the next generation of leaders and professionals. Our college preparatory school is committed to upholding these academic standards and encouraging future graduates to follow in the footsteps of our 2021 class. 

Guiding Our Students Towards Success 

As the demands and challenges of university change over the years, R-MA adapts its teachings to guarantee a successful academic future for students. Our private academy is centered around developing college-ready graduates, in a learning environment that encourages students to meet challenges with confidence. 

First and foremost, the College Counselling program at R-MA is designed to offer tailored support to individual students based on their skills and ambitions. Each year, students gain acceptance into some of the top schools in the country, under the guidance of R-MA’s experienced college counselors. Along with a host of other universities, 12 students from the class of 2021 will be attending the US Air Force Academy, with other acceptances to the US Coast Guard Academy and the US Merchant Marine Academy. 

Our College Counselling program is there to assist students in making the right choice for them

The college selection process can be overwhelming, and our staff is there to ensure that students make responsible and well-informed choices. At R-MA, the focus is not only on college admission—we want our students to flourish at the university of their choosing. Our College Readiness Program organizes visits to college campuses with admission representatives, so students can get a firsthand glimpse of university life. With one-on-one college planning, our program helps students to apply their experiences and skills effectively in order to fulfill their academic potential. 

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