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CCI: Advice from Alex and Alex

By: Jonathan Pederson

    Recently, we have been privileged with a visit from the Assistant Director of First-Year Admissions from Emory and Henry College, Alexandra Veatch.  Veatch not only spoke to interested R-MA students, but was also the admission counselor for Alexandra Roy.  After Veatch guided Roy on a tour of Emory and Henry, Roy proudly committed to the school.  We decided to interview the two of them and ask them about their advice on the application and decision-making processes.  This is what they told us.

Research & Application

Tip #1: Do it now! Research is a very important process, and looking into which colleges to apply for is best done earlier than later. Roy and Veatch both recommend reading Colleges that Change Lives, which explains the benefits of small colleges just like Emory and Henry.  The book also advises finding the best fit over the “best school,” which is advice Roy took to heart.

As for the application itself, both Roy and Veatch agreed that the most important advice for the application process was to start it as soon as you can!  Do not procrastinate!  Roy remembered the process.  “It seemed a bit daunting.  The process may seem like a lot, but once you start it, it becomes easier and easier,” she noted.  

Tip #2: Remember all the pieces! Veatch noted that a common mistake is not matching various paperwork with the proper app. Veatch advised, “Submit the essay with the application.  Many students forget to submit the essay after finishing the application!”


Tip #3: Make it yours. Avoid cliches and be specific, Veatch emphasized.  The essay should be personal and paint a picture about yourself.  She explained that keeping the essay personal draws the reader in, and admission is easy when there is a face on the application. Roy added that being personal with your entire application is a good idea.  


Tip #4: It’s personal.When it comes to deciding which college to go to, this decision is one of the most personal ones you will have to make; therefore, the process needs to be personal.  Roy believes that visiting a college is a MUST, and feels this may be the most important step of all. She suggested you make a list of everything you want in a college and know which ones are important.  Unfortunately, many times you will not find a college that fits EVERY item on the list; therefore you also need to know which ones you can compromise on. Is guaranteed on-campus housing more important that a badminton club? Only you can decided that!

Veatch suggests narrowing the list down to two or three colleges, noting  that meeting the faculty of a college lets you have insight into how the school is run–which just re-emphasizes the importance of that visit.  

The Joy of Deciding

Tip #5: It’s all about the match. Roy remembers her visit to Emory and Henry, comparing it to finding shoes.  She said, “When you know, you know.”  She credits Veatch to helping her discover Emory and Henry.  She said, “She made it a priority for me to see and experience everything that Emory and Henry had to offer.”