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Cadre Promotions

On Monday, August 19th in Melton Memorial Gymnasium, R-MA students, faculty, staff and families gathered to honor the Air Force JROTC student leaders for the 2013-14 school year, as each student received his or her cadre position for the year. Here are the R-MA cadre for 2013-14:

Senior Cadre Positions

Corps Commander: Lt Col Benjamin Gillis
Corps Vice Commander: Maj Caroline "Grace" Alexander
Commander for Operations: Capt David Lee
Commander for Support: Capt Caitlin Bunker
Commander for Logistics: Capt Kelli Hutcheson

1st Squadron Commander Officer: Capt Madeline Chafin
2nd Squadron Commander Officer: Capt Cole Mitchell
3rd Squadron Commander Officer: Capt Jonathan Moore
Band Squadron Commander Officer: Capt Ming Gong

1st Squadron Executive Officer: 1st Lt Xiao Zheng
3rd  Squadron Executive Officer: 1st Lt Emmanuel Arellano

Alpha Flight Commander: 1st Lt Uzoamaka Njoku
Bravo Flight Commander: 1st Lt Markeesha Gibson
Charlie Flight Commander: 1st Lt Robin Penn
Echo Flight Commander: 1st Lt Kevin Slaton
Foxtrot Flight Commander: 1st Lt Yun Tae Kim
Golf Flight Commander: 1st Lt Bryan Mazzola
Hotel Flight Commander: 1st Lt Jiafeng Su
India Flight Commander: 1st Lt Rongsong Cai
Juliet Flight Commander: 1st Lt Kai Liang
Kilo Flight Commander: 1st Lt Thomas Kim

Admission Officer: 1st Lt Deborah Kim
Alumni/Development Officer: 1st Lt Faith Funderberg
Plans Officer: 1st Lt Margot Cramer
Public Affairs Officer: 1st Lt Louisa Stanwich
Services Officer: 1st Lt Carson Holder
Security Officer (M): 1st Lt Ye Eun Jung
Safety Officer: 1st Lt Eun Jung Lee

Junior Cadre Positions 

Command Chief: SMSgt Gordon Anderson
NCOIC for Operations: MSgt Shelby Sebring
NCOIC for Logistics: MSgt James Christoph

1st Squadron First Sergeant: MSgt Ixel Ochoa
2nd Squadron First Sergeant: MSgt Austin Lee
3rd Squadron First Sergeant: MSgt Malik Cochran
Band Squadron First Sergeant: MSgt Roop Atwal

Alpha Flight Sergeant: TSgt Paige Hollis
Bravo Flight Sergeant: TSgt Madeleine Oram
Charlie Flight Sergeant: TSgt Gina Park
Delta Flight Sergeant: TSgt Douglas Brennand
Echo Flight Sergeant: TSgt Nick Zavala
Foxtrot Flight Sergeant: TSgt Mazrukh Kahn
Golf Flight Sergeant: TSgt Cole Johnston
Hotel Flight Sergeant: TSgt Oluwatimileyin Idowu
India Flight Sergeant: TSgt Xiangyu Huo
Juliet Flight Sergeant: TSgt Alfred Sit
Kilo Flight Sergeant: TSgt Slayton Speer

Band Equipment NCOIC: TSgt Jacob Dodson
Athletic NCOIC (F): TSgt Amy Gray
Band Logistics NCOIC: TSgt Jessica Neupane
Safety NCOIC: TSgt Shan Jiang

Congratulations to all of the Summer Leadership School graduates!