The Buzz at R-MA: Innovation in Humanities

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Celeste M. Brooks P'12, '21, Director of Communications

Innovation might be the name of the game in modern education, but it usually brings to mind an "innovation lab" filled with gadgets and gizmos, 3D printers and Lego walls, robots and Ozobots. How does a teacher "innovate" in an English classroom? R-MA teacher Lynne Schoonover P'17 has a few ideas, including her own fictional demise. In this week's episode of "The Buzz at R-MA" podcast, student host Peter Babineau '22 talks with Ms. Schoonover and a few members of her classes, past and present, to learn more about "The Demise of Schoonie" and other projects that keep her students engaged in their education. 

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