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Building Lifelong Habits in Students When You Donate to R-MA

Graduates of Randolph-Macon Academy understand the importance of hard work and consistency in building healthy lifelong habits. With the support of our faculty and the inspiration of successful alumni, current students at R-MA are working hard to grow personally in a way that will advance their academic and professional careers.

R-MA students benefit from our multifaceted approach to academics, placing a high priority on building character through athletics, clubs, and boarding life. With support at every stage, students are able to realize their full potential as leaders and valued members of the community inside and outside of the classroom. Read on to learn more about how our students develop these important life skills. 

Athletics Build a Strong Work Ethic 

Athletics are a great opportunity for students to enrich their lives at R-MA by getting involved with their peers and building a strong collective unit. Through sports, students are able to gain experience collaborating with their teammates to reach a common goal.

Many staff and faculty members are giving back to R-MA through their involvement with athletics teams as coaches and mentors. Having access to responsible, respectable, and inspiring role models on and off the field helps to inform the experiences of students as they reflect on their own behavior. Learning a sport firsthand from highly experienced community members helps students to hone their skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, and sportsmanship – qualities that are highly valued in athletics as well as other areas of their lives.

Fundraising for R-MA supports opportunities for students to experience personal growth and development

Our Unique Residential Life Program 

The Residential Life program at R-MA is truly an extension of the academic environment inside the classroom. Students have access to faculty guidance in the residence halls as they learn to balance their schoolwork with social life, extracurriculars, and family time. Within the Residential Life program, students receive support from a caring community of adults. 

Your support can promote the expansion of residential life programs such as the Big Brother/Big Sister connections between the Upper and Middle Schools, Cadre Leadership training and events, and weekend activities that build bonds between students. Each of these initiatives helps students to build meaningful relationships, set healthy boundaries, and lean into their sense of responsibility as they become independent young adults. 

Students gain confidence in their personal skills as they participate in different aspects of the Residential Life program

The Mentoring Program at R-MA Ensures Students Develop Life Skills 

Through our Mentoring program, students receive direct guidance from faculty who look out for the individual and their experiences in the community. Students form close relationships with their mentors, which allows them to identify their own needs and goals while practicing open communication in a safe space. 

The Mentoring program also serves as a direct link between the school and the student’s family at home. Mentors advocate on behalf of their students, helping them to improve on their weak areas and play to their strengths. Mentorship meetings involve discussions on personal and academic goals, leadership development topics, social issues, as well as college and career planning. The whole student is nurtured at R-MA, preparing them personally, academically, and professionally for a bright future.

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