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Building Global Awareness in Our Students When You Donate to R-MA

Randolph-Macon Academy’s alumni, parents, and friends share our belief that global awareness is an essential and will serve our students well as they head into the modern world. The extensive support students receive from the moment they arrive on campus allows them to adjust to life at our academy and experience a rich and vibrant student life focused on becoming responsible global citizens. Continue reading to learn more about how your support can help students gain this global awareness.

Support R-MA Students in Reaching Their Goals on an International Scale

Our international alumni are the perfect example of global success. Coming all the way to the U.S., completing their comprehensive education at R-MA, gaining college acceptance, and moving on to pursue their careers around the world, international alumni serve as excellent role models for current students.

When you support R-MA, you are supporting students to help them receive the same life-changing opportunities that you were able to take advantage of during your time at our private school. Through community involvement and outreach, students are exposed to and able to engage with a number of global issues relevant to today’s world. What’s more, through our Global Entrepreneurship Pre-Professional Pathway, students can tailor their education towards solving global challenges and communicating with global business experts. With every dollar donated to R-MA, we are able to enrich the lives of our students to help them pave their way to success and achieve their goals. 

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When you donate to R-MA, you help our students build a vision of their futures focused on global impact

Embracing the Diverse International Student Body on Campus

R-MA brings together students from around the world, helping them learn to honor individuality and embrace differences. Support from our alumni, parents, and friends helps ensure the opportunity for students to experience U.S. military techniques that help create confident, trustworthy critical thinkers. These graduates go on to excel in a goal-oriented, team environment and desire to use their talents to better the world.

Establishing such strong relationships with other students who represent countries from around the world gives students a unique opportunity to see into different cultures, customs, and beliefs. This exposure during their middle and high school years prepares them for a lifetime of global consideration and respect.

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Our international student body embraces the opportunity to share their culture during our International Day on campus

Becoming a Member of Our Globally-Aware Community

With such an established community rallying around them, R-MA students develop this global awareness quickly. Interacting with and learning about the successes of our alumni encourages this sense of community and helps students step into their responsibilities as global citizens.

While becoming an integral part of our student body, R-MA students develop an important sense of belonging in a culturally and globally aware community. Thanks to our alumni, parents, and friends who lead by example and continue to support our school, we’re able to provide this same opportunity for students for years to come.

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