Building Career Paths for R-MA Students

We all want to see today’s youth excel, and as top universities become more and more saturated with great talent, it may seem hard for new entrants to stand out. How can students achieve the success they want and pursue their passions in the face of such challenges? Fortunately, Randolph-Macon Academy is there to offer support. Our graduating classes enjoy a 100% university acceptance rate, with many going on to study at some of the top universities in the country and around the world.

An important part of that outcome is the Power of Rise—a mindset that encourages students to take risks and overcome adversity. These lessons help them stand out from their peers across the country, giving them the drive to push ahead and reach their goals.

Donors that give back to R-MA do so with the Power of Rise in mind. Discover how your support helps open up opportunities for students as they prepare for university and beyond. Here are just some of the ways that we help students build the strong foundations they need to achieve their career ambitions.

Innovation Is at the Heart of the R-MA Curriculum

Innovation at R-MA comes in many forms. From our carefully designed, student-centered curriculum to the technology that we incorporate into the classroom, our students have access to the kinds of resources and lessons that will help them stand out. Teachers at R-MA are able to relate the planned curriculum to things that the students are interested in, creating a more global mindset in each young adult.

R-MA remains committed as ever to creating a strong, disciplined student body determined to succeed. These values, combined with our innovative direction in the classroom, set R-MA students up for success when they venture on to secure their dream careers. The support students receive from alumni, parents, and friends when they donate to R-MA helps to pave the way for a bold new generation of leaders ready to make a difference.

Innovation is integrated into the curriculum at R-MA to help students learn in a relevant, engaging setting

Supporting Our Pre-Professional Pathways

The Pre-Professional Pathways at R-MA are another example of the opportunities students are offered at the Academy. When donors contribute to R-MA, they help provide students with these one-of-a-kind opportunities. Students who opt into the Pre-Professional Pathways program get to explore their passions and career interests in a supportive, guided environment with excellent role models.

Students can choose from several different specializations, with options including aviation, global entrepreneurship, and software and engineering. Our pathways offer experiential learning opportunities, mentoring from our faculty leaders, and a capstone project. The program gives students a solid foundation in their chosen field, while also giving them a competitive edge in the college admissions process. Any extra opportunities for students to gain valuable hands-on experience allows them to make great progress towards their college success and later career success. 

When donors contribute to R-MA, they support the wide range of opportunities available for students at our private academy

Counseling Initiatives for University and Beyond

Students at R-MA always have an eye on the future. Whether academic, personal, or career-related, students are supported by R-MA faculty and staff as they work towards their goals. College counseling at R-MA gives individual guidance to each student as they set out towards the next step. Our rigorous college counseling is designed to advocate for students as they start to figure out what choice is best for them and their futures.

 Our college readiness program equips students with a college readiness plan, one-on-one college advising, and an assigned mentor to assist with any questions or concerns about the process. Every step of the way, students are able to find the support they need to begin their journeys to the college and career experiences of their dreams.

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