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Back to Campus: Randolph-Macon Academy

Preparing for On-Campus Instruction

For its 129th year, Randolph-Macon Academy will be welcoming students back on campus for the Fall 2020 semester. R-MA has enacted a variety of precautions to ensure the safety of everyone at the school, and will be reopening in ways that allow for students to receive a fulfilling educational experience while also practicing important safety measures.

Here is an overview of what students and parents should expect once Randolph-Macon Academy reopens for the fall 2020 semester.

Various Safety Measures Will Be in Place When Students Return to Class

Randolph-Macon Academy will be reopening in Fall 2020 with a plan for adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic while resuming on-campus learning. There are a number of precautions put in place for the upcoming semester to ensure the safest possible return for students to R-MA. All those entering the school will have temperatures checked via daily screenings every morning upon arrival, so that any potential issues can be detected and caught at the earliest opportunity to keep everyone safe.

High-touch surfaces will be frequently cleaned by housekeeping staff
High-touch surfaces will be frequently cleaned by housekeeping staff

Students and faculty must also have their temperature taken two weeks prior to their return to school. While adhering to CDC guidelines, R-MA’s housekeeping staff will also be frequently cleaning surfaces on a regular basis, particularly high-touch surfaces.

Social Distancing Will Also Be Mandatory for Students at Our Prep School

Randolph-Macon Academy has also put forth social distancing measures to help ensure further safety. For one, all parties will need to maintain a six-foot physical distance from one another, in all environments where gatherings can happen. Classrooms and common areas at our prep school will have appropriately distanced seating,  with students being assigned the same seat in the class.

Students will have assigned seating upon returning to class
Students will have assigned seating upon returning to class

Hallways and doorways will also have signs in place directing people where to go in order to maintain physical distancing. Furthermore, handshakes and hugs are to be avoided on campus for safety reasons, so elbow bumps will need to replace them for the time being. While these rules are subject to change as the school year progresses, they are the ones all parties will need to adhere to for the foreseeable future as the novel coronavirus remains at large.

All Parties Will Need to Practice Appropriate Hygiene Habits Daily

Practicing proper hygiene will also be of the utmost importance upon the resumption of studies at our college preparatory school. Wearing masks or similar types of face-covering will be necessary while in various areas on campus, such as classrooms, hallways, the chapel, and the dining hall. Students, unless alone or with their roommate, will also need to wear them in dormitories. All parties will also need to cough and sneeze into the sleeve of their elbow rather than their hands. Lastly, students will also be reminded to wash their hands regularly, and for a minimum of 20 seconds each. If they cannot wash their hands, using hand sanitizer is acceptable.

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