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Back-Pack Project

The upper school Interact club of Randolph-Macon Academy has been busy these past few months, spinning itself in a worthy cause.  Interact helped raise money for a local charity known as the “Back-Pack Project.”  This project lends a helping hand to families who have difficulty sending their children to school with lunch to eat. 

The Interact Club raised funds through the use of bake sales and “Penny Wars.” Penny Wars is a school-wide competition among the JROTC flights to see which flight can collect the most pennies.  One penny equals one point, a nickel equals five points, and a dime equals ten, and so on.

The Interact club took the Back-Pack Project a step further on Monday, May 2.  They purchased snacks with the funds they raised and delivered them to E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School.  The kindergarten through sixth grade students were hard at work on their SOLs all day and needed a proper boost.  The students of Randolph-Macon Academy recognized the effort of the E. Wilson Morrison students with various snacks such as granola bars, fruit snacks, and trail mix.  “We were happy to help the kids out,” said Interact President Ashley Grossman ‘16.  “It’s almost eight hours of testing so we knew they had to be hungry!”

This community service effort was a part of the JROTC 100th Anniversary.  It demonstrates the JROTC’s commitment to education and service.  It also presented an opportunity for cadets to implement Randolph-Macon Academy’s core values of knowledge, character, and leadership.