Athletic Profile: Danny Scarzello’16


Anyone on Randolph-Macon Academy’s campus will tell you that Senior Danny Scarzello’s passion is flying. An active member in R-MA flight program, Scarzello has earned his private pilot’s certificate and is currently working towards earning his instrument rating certificate that will allow him to fly in poor weather conditions.  Another thing that Scarzello is passionate about is swimming.

This year marks Scarzello’s fifteenth season swimming. Prior to coming to R-MA, he swam competitively for twelve years.  While he swims every stroke, his favorites are breast and free. Coach Michael Williams has used Scarzello for the 200 Individual Medlely in the past because of his versatility in the sport.  

Scarzello says his favorite aspect of swimming is the stress-free mentality that it brings to his day. “No matter what happens in the day time, in the time in the pool goes by and I am relaxed,” he said.  He also enjoys spending the time with his teammates in the afternoon. “Every year we bond as a team even though we may have new swimmers. This team is like a family.”

While Scarzello will be completing his final swim season at R-MA, he is looking forward to club swim in college.