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Are There Military Schools for Girls in Virginia?

Are you one of the many people who have wondered about the existence of military schools for girls? And in Virginia specifically?

Well, to answer your question; yes, there are military schools for girls in Virginia! But–and here is the catch–you are not going to find a single-sex military school for girls in Virginia…or anywhere for that matter. 

In the beginning, military schools were single-sex institutions for young men to experience structure, organization, leadership experience, and academic rigor. Over the years some have expanded to making them co-ed but there was never really a large cry for an all-girls military school. So, while a number of schools opened their doors to women, there are still many that remain male only.

For example, out of the six military schools in Virginia, only two are co-ed. Again, while this might seem like a small number, historically speaking, there hasn’t been an overwhelming interest in a military education for females. At Randolph-Macon Academy, about 30% (give or take a few percentage points depending on the year) of our students are female, and that percentage is one of the highest in the country. 

Nowadays, a military environment for a young woman can help her realize her full potential, build her confidence in herself, and develop independence, responsibility, and leadership qualities that will stay with her for life. All of these great benefits are combined with a solid foundation of academic excellence, which creates incredibly well-rounded individuals. As a co-ed military school ourselves, we have graduated many confident and capable women that have gone on to be very successful, attending Harvard, NYU, the Air Force Academy, and many other prestigious universities.  

So, even if you were hoping to find a girls-only military school, still consider a co-ed one. Girls can gain the same life-changing benefits of military schools that boys have been enjoying for years!