Apple 1:1 Computing Plan

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Cooper Bourdon '11

Middle school students do some programming on a MacBook at a private school in Virginia

There have been great undertakings in our Academy’s history, but none quite like this. A complete conversion from PC to Macintosh over the course of one year is underway. 

What is the result of this conversion? A MacBook Pro in the hands of every faculty/staff member by Thanksgiving of 2017, and a MacBook Air in the hands of every R-MA student by September 2018.

We live in a society that is driven by technology. Our students will soon find themselves in a workforce that is galvanized by technology and digitization as opposed to brick and mortar. It is imperative for our future leaders to be ready for this change in the workforce.

With hands-on training from Apple, our teachers will be able to provide an efficient and unique atmosphere of education. Imagine a 65” monitor in every classroom that can display each student’s work whenever the teacher deems necessary. No student is left behind with this swift execution of a lesson plan.

The result? R-MA graduates will not only meet the demands of our technological world, but potentially shape it through their own intuition and innovation. Through our Macintosh 1:1 program, our students will be given the tools to thrive, the need to drive, and the power of rise.