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Alumni Events

There’s no experience like that of being a cadet at R-MA.  Through the decades the social, economic, and political atmosphere has changed dramatically in the United States, yet whenever I tell an alumnus that I also graduated from Randolph-Macon Academy, there is instant camaraderie. 

As the Director of Alumni Relations, it’s my goal to engage alumni in meaningful relationships with the Academy.  In reality, each of us who walked these halls and wore the uniform makes up the Academy. 

Lessons we learned while in high school made us the people we are today.  It is these lessons, these experiences that bring us together; whether it is face-to-face at a regional happy hour or on a social network with alumni around the globe.

In my family, any excuse to get together with people means lots of food, beverages, and laughing.  We gather around a bon fire, listen to music, and on occasion someone will bring out a tub of water balloons. It’s fun!  That’s why we are setting up a calendar of events (water balloon fight is not currently on the event list…yet).  Please see what you can do to join us and if there isn’t an event located near you or at a time that you can make, contact me!  We want to fill up this calendar to give as many opportunities to connect as possible.  

Reasons to connect with fellow alumni:

Job Networking: Whether you are looking for a job, have a job opening or are able to offer mentoring or an internship, the Alumni Network is a valuable resource. 
Social Networking: I don’t mean online social networking, I mean having a group of people to sit down with to have coffee, share dreams, catch a movie or a show, share aspirations, brainstorm, check out the latest restaurant, or see a (water balloon?) game.
Creating Affinity groups: Aviation, Law, Education, Sports, Medicine, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Business, Horticulture, Construction, Fundraising, Event Planning, and Technology – these don’t even tap into the wealth of career or hobby affinities our alumni have in common.  


Schedule of upcoming events:

Wednesday, April 23rd from 6-8pm: MacDowell Brew Kitchen in Leesburg, 

Thursday, May 8th from 5-7pm: Buffalo Wild Wings in Richmond, VA

Saturday, June 7th from 5-7pm: Summer Picnic at the Middle School Pavilion on campus in Front Royal, VA

Sunday, July 27th from 4-8pm: Hampton Roads Summer Picnic at the home of Nick Ryder ’65 in Hayes, VA

Friday and Saturday, October 17th and 18th: R-MA Homecoming Weekend


Over the next several months we will be using a new online event management program that will make signing up and paying for events even easier. Please stay tuned.  We look forward to your feedback.  I can be reached at or 540-636-5343.
Thank you for reading, we hope to see you soon!

Annie L. Brander ‘02
Director of Alumni Relations
Randolph-Macon Academy