Alpha Readers in the Wintertime

By Ixel Ochoa

With the generous hospitality of our hosts, the Alexanders, Alpha Readers met for another wonderful banquet meeting. For the gathering, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander filled the dining room and kitchen with delicious cooking, which quickly disappeared as the hungry readers filled their plates several times over. We were joined by Mrs. Forsyth, Mr. Davies, and spectacular readers from every grade. Ms. Melberg provided excellent brownies and gifts.

Our discussion featured the twisting plot in the classic Leave It to Psmith by P. G. Wodehouse. First, we shared some of our favorite passages from this master prose stylist. We talked of the role of Psmith in the lives of the residents of Blandings Castle. The forces of Psmith constantly clash with the obstacles of Baxter and other unexpected guests. Psmith seems able to turn the odds of any situation in his favor. Freddie leaves the fate of himself, his uncle, and his uncle’s daughter in the hands of Psmith, and rightfully does so. Psmith provides the necklace that the family and others are trying to “steal” from Freddie’s aunt, against all obstacles, including those of his own love interest. 

We thank the Alexanders for making the dinner so great and our previous president Grace Alexander for being a wonderful hostess and for everything she has done in our group. She will be missed greatly as she graduates this year. We’ll leave the theft of the necklace to Psmith, but we’ll leave the lovely dinners to the Alexanders and Ms. Melberg and other great parents. As for the brilliant discussions, the Alpha Readers have that covered.