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A Suspenseful Match for Varsity Volleyball

Yesterday the Girls’ varsity volleyball team paid a visit to Tandem Friends School in Charlottesville, Virginia, for what was nothing short of a thrilling match.

The Lady Jackets were facing an opponent with terrific fundamentals and skillful execution.  Tandem gave R-MA everything they had and kept the match neck and neck with not a single person in the crowd sitting in their seat.  “The crowd was so loud,” said Julia Norton ’17. Despite the tumultuous atmosphere in the gymnasium the Yellow Jackets won the first set.

Once both teams were warmed up after the initial set the game grew to absolute intensity.  The serves were precise, the volleys were long, and after three total sets Tandem had a 2-1 advantage on R-MA.  With the crowd still loud as can be and the game on the line, our Yellow Jackets rose to the occasion.  Tandem did not let up on their assault, but the Yellow Jackets held on to win the fourth set with stout focus and teamwork.

The air was electric going into the fifth set. It was first to 15 and whoever reached it was going home the winner.  It was a suspenseful set of volleyball and in the end was taken by the Lady Jackets. The amount of teamwork and perseverance these ladies possess was on full display and they rode out of Charlottesville with their heads held high.

Julia Norton '17 contributed to this article.