A Day in the Life of a Summer Program Student at Our Boarding School

After taking the precautionary measures and preparing for a safe in-person learning environment, Randolph-Macon Academy will open its doors to students enrolled in this year’s Summer Programs. By enrolling in one of these programs, students will be able to engage in fun and academically enriching experiences while maintaining Covid-protective measures.

From the period of June 24 to July 23, 2021, students can widen their skill set and increase their knowledge through in-person instruction. Those enrolled in summer programs can also directly benefit by participating in a variety of age-appropriate activities under the supervision of an attentive staff. 

Here, we provide an in-depth overview of the experiences and advantages of being a summer program student at R-MA!

Increasing Your Knowledge and Developing Your Skills at R-MA

Enrolling in one of R-MA’s summer programs enables students to broaden their academic background, discovering new skills while honing old ones. The programs are open to middle school and high school students, providing them with various opportunities to enrich their academic careers. Middle school students (grades 6-8) will be able to take courses designed to stimulate their intellectual curiosity. As an example, through creative writing, music, and robotics classes, students can apply their creativity to produce compelling stories, create custom tracks in the school’s Digital Piano Lab, and design 3D objects. There’s also a Flight & Drones class offered at the middle school level in summer, where students get to fly drones, discuss careers in drones, and even practice with R-MA’s on-campus flight simulator. As part of R-MA’s mentoring program, this age group will also learn about safe digital practices—including digital footprints, privacy and security, as well as effective communication methods.

High school students (grades 9-12) can choose from a wide range of courses specifically designed to cover subjects during a short period of time—which serve as transferrable high school credits upon completion. A popular summer option for high school students includes the Aviation Explorers program, introducing flight training and drone applications. Students can even work towards completing the FAA remote pilot (drone) certification.

Students can learn new skills while taking a summer program at R-MA

Daily Schedule and Housing for Summer Program Students

As a coed private school, R-MA offers two main dormitories for both middle school and upper school students, further separated by gender. While enrolled in summer programs in 2021, each student receives a single room that is equipped with a bed, desk, closet, and an AC unit. Male dorm rooms include a sink and communal showers, while female dorm rooms have private bathrooms. Boarders can also contact their floor’s dorm parents for additional support. 

Daily schedules vary depending on a student’s academic level. Those in middle school wake up at 6:45 and go to bed at 21:45 while those in high school wake up at 6:30 and sleep at 22:00. Every day of a summer program is filled with classes, activities, breaks, and even off-campus trips on weekends. During their time on-campus, students can enjoy freshly prepared meals provided by the dining staff (upholding the proper safety measures).

Students can enjoy a variety of activities during their daily schedule

Upholding Safety Measures and Discovering Activities at Our Boarding School

R-MA has invested significant resources to ensure the successful implementation of its Reopening Plan for 2020-21. All students, faculty, and staff must wear masks and maintain proper social distancing at all times. In addition to thorough cleaning procedures, R-MA will include mandatory temperature checks—providing current families with safety-related updates. Students are also required to take a Covid-19 test on June 24, where they will quarantine for 72 hours before returning to class on June 27 upon receiving a negative result from the test. 

Despite the necessary implementation of such safety measures, students can still expect to enjoy a variety of planned summer program activities at the boarding school. These activities range from scavenger hunts and paintball sessions to campfires and game nights. Students can also participate in off-campus activities—such as going roller skating or bowling, attending movie theatres, and even joining school trips to the Shenandoah National Park and Washington, D.C.

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