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A Clash of VMSC Unbeatens

The middle school boys' basketball team put on a dazzling display last night against the Rappahannock Panthers vying for the top spot in the VMSC. Both teams have put up high point totals and have been undefeated against the other VMSC teams.

Early in the game, the Yellow Jackets showed just how important intensity is. Using their quick feet and a solid 1-3-1 defense, Nicolas Gaina ’21 was able to apply pressure on the wing, allowing Sidique Thomas-Sualley ‘21 a couple easy fast break points. Thomas-Sualley was also able to get to the foul line twice, making 2 out of his 4 free throws totaling 8 points for the quarter. Thomas-Sualley also showed his ability to drive and pass by providing an assist to Joseph Flowers ‘21, who was just warming up.

Flowers’ low-post ability really shone during the 2nd quarter. Even with a defender equal in size, Flowers’ quickness was unmatched. Twisting, turning, and rolling to the basket, Flowers was able to score 6 more points. Adding to this, Gaina also buried two jump shots from the wing giving him a point total of 4 for the game. The Jackets led at halftime 20-12.

With a little rest, a few adjustments, and a sky high confidence level, the Yellow Jackets quickly picked up right where they left off. Thomas-Sualley continued to demonstrate why he is the starting point guard with his penetration style offense and good ball handling. Thomas-Sualley was able to get another assist off a pass to David Idah ‘21, who banked a 10-footer from just outside the key. But Thomas-Sualley still had some fire in his eyes, scoring another 8 points by the end of the quarter. Also adding to his point total, Flowers was able to receive the ball in the low-post, make a basket, draw a foul, and drill his following free-throw.

During the fourth quarter, the Yellow Jackets rode out the rest of the game on cruise control. Rotating players off the bench enabled a majority of the players to play three minutes or more of the game. Nkeng Ngosong ’21 took advantage of this opportunity by getting his own rebound and going back up even stronger scoring his 2 points for the night.

As for the Panthers, their offense was not enough of a threat for the Yellow Jackets’ hustle and determination. The final score read: R-MA: 42, Rapp: 25