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54 Students Earn Honors on Foreign Language National Exams

A total of 54 students at Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA) have earned honors on the National Foreign Language Exams taken earlier this year.

National French Exam Awards

Sixteen R-MA students scored high enough on the National French Exam to earn an Honorable Mention, Bronze Medal, or Silver Medal.

Silver Medal (85%-94%):
French 1: Kevin Chienku ‘22, Godfrey Delaney ‘22, and Chichi Ogbuebile ‘23
French 2: Hugo Chambert ‘21
AP French 5: Fatoumata (Rana) Diallo ‘19 and James Ross ‘20

Bronze Medal (75%-84%):
French 1: Modupeoluwa Sanyaolu ‘21
AP French 4: Dove Alliali ‘22

Honorable Mention (50%-74%):
French 1: Iyanu Nafiu ‘23 and Sean Waddell ‘22
French 2: Max Futa Kabongo ‘21, Malachi Ham ‘22 and Favor Ogah ‘20

The names of three additional students who earned “Honorable Mention” have been withheld by parent request.

National Spanish Exam Awards

Fourteen students were recognized for their high scores on the National Spanish Exam, earning silver and bronze medals, as well as honorable mention.

Silver Medal (85%-94%):
Spanish 2: Kisyl Housden ‘21

Bronze Medal (75%-84%):
Spanish 1: Dang Khoa Le ‘21
Honors Spanish 3: Ethan Park ‘22
AP Spanish IV: Anish Bhasin ‘21

Honorable Mention (50%-74%):
Spanish 1: Khoi Nguyen Su ‘21
Spanish 2: Sardor Danier ‘21, Anthony Marciano ‘21 and Maggie Tewell ‘21
Honors Spanish 3: Justin Meng ‘22, Evan Sennott ‘23 and Jotrina Vamboi ‘21
AP Spanish IV: Benjamin Kopjanski ‘21

The names of two additional students who earned “Honorable Mention” on the Spanish National Exam have been withheld by parent request.

National German Exam Awards

A total of 24 students earned to honors on the German National Exam, with two students earning the top honor of “Gold,” which is awarded to the top 10%, while the rest scored high enough to earn a silver medal, a bronze medal, or honorable mention.

Gold (91%-100%):
German 1: Imabong Enodien ‘23
German 2: Zhirui Chen ‘20

Silver (81%-90%):
German 1: Zisheng Luo ‘21 and Hongtao Chen ‘22
German 2: Zachary Lusson ‘19
German 3: Jacob Gehly ‘20

Bronze (71%-80%):
German 1: Cecilia Paredes ‘22
German 2: Huong Anh Mai ‘20, Rosalie Brower ‘20, and Yiming Liu ‘19

Honorable Mention (50%-70%):
German 1: Leonid Burge ‘24, Ryan Knowles ‘22, Jiayue Lin ‘22, Boyu Zhu ‘21
German 2: Jiatong Han ‘20, JiaJia Lin ‘19, Yingjun Peng ‘21, Sophia Poe ‘20, Yuyang Wang ‘19, Mingdian Xu ‘21
German 3: Haorun Luan ‘21
German 4: Reilly Schweigert-Opas ‘20, Josiah Herring ‘20

One additional student was also awarded Honorable Mention; the name has been withheld by parental request.

All of R-MA’s Foreign Language Teachers are members of one or more professional teachers´ organization(s): The American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). These organizations created and oversee both the National Exams & the Foreign Language Honor Societies for Spanish, French & German.  The National Exams are required for each of the Foreign Languages at R-MA, but the only role that R-MA plays in the National Exams is that of administering them. The questions are created and the exams are graded by the AATSP, the AATF, and the AATG.