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5 Ways Students Make the Most of Their Time at Our Private Boarding School

Students who attend Randolph-Macon Academy understand the importance of taking advantage of all the school offers. With many unique opportunities at their fingertips, students learn more about their strengths, interests, and dreams. With the help of supportive staff, teachers, and administrators, they can genuinely make the most of their time at our college prep school.

From the relationships students make with their peers on campus to the advanced course options available, they can grow both personally and intellectually. A focus on R-MA values of courage, respect, and collaboration helps students adopt specialized skills that enable them to step into their roles as leaders. Continue reading to learn more about how our students make the most of their prep school years.

1. Building Strong Friendships

Oftentimes, alumni note that the lifelong friendships they made during their time at our private boarding school are their most cherished achievements. Students have every opportunity to connect with one another, coming together from all walks of life. Living together in dorms, competing together on sports teams, and collaborating with one another in the classroom helps them build long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time. These friendships are invaluable, helping students grow into their own sense of self.

Students create flourishing friendships at our private boarding school.

2. Becoming Impactful Leaders at Our College Prep School

Leadership is an important value of R-MA, and the school’s culture is set around establishing the skills, knowledge, and cooperation required to help lead lives of honor and set a good example for their peers. Through the challenging and hands-on curriculum, students gain confidence in the classroom and can play to their strengths while working on their weaknesses. Through club involvement and community service, students get a taste of what it feels like to lead others with a shared goal.

3. Taking Advantage of Extracurriculars

Clubs, sports teams, and weekend trips are all ways students make the most of their time at R-MA. Our college prep school has 16 varsity sports teams with which students can practice, compete, and improve their skills. Many students pick up sports during high school that they carry into their university years, formally or informally. Taking the time to explore various interests in sports, clubs, and other opportunities helps students step into their own as young adults.

Varsity sports are another way for students to make the most of their time at R-MA.

4. Enrolling in Advanced Courses

15 Honors and Advanced Placement courses are available at R-MA, serving as an option for students to get ahead and stand out on their college applications. AP courses are rigorous academically and test students’ ability to time manage, work together in groups, analyze, and advance their intellectual skills. These courses help students reap maximum benefits from their time at R-MA, as the structure and rigor help them prepare for what to expect in college. Benefitting from small class sizes, students receive more personalized attention throughout their courses, allowing them to gain the support they need for success.

5. Signing Up for J-Term

Upper School students have the option to sign up for January Term or J-Term. This option is for those who love to work hands-on with projects in order to learn, create, and better understand a specific field. Picking a topic they’re passionate about, students spend three weeks immersed in seminar-style and experiential learning sessions while they earn school credits and develop necessary career and life skills. Students get to choose from various J-Term topics such as drone and robotics technology, food cultivation and preparation, healthy habits of mind and body, etiquette, photography and music, engineering basics, DIY and tools, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

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