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5 Ways R-MA Students Go On to Impress Our Community

At Randolph-Macon Academy, students are instilled with a strong sense of purpose and passion that goes beyond the walls of the school. Our legacy of academic rigor, participation in diverse extracurricular activities, and community involvement set the stage for our students to fully develop their talents and become useful and responsible members of society.

Upon gaining admission into our school, each student becomes a member of a supportive, purpose-driven academic community that is completely committed to their academic and personal success. With such a robust support system in place, it’s no surprise that our students regularly achieve outstanding academic and personal feats. In this blog, we explore five ways our students go on to impress our community.

1. R-MA Students Often Receive Prestigious Scholarships

R-MA has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence, and our students are no exception. Each year, R-MA students are awarded a significant number of merit-based scholarships from various sources, including our private boarding school. These scholarships provide financial support for our students and their families and serve as a recognition of their academic achievements and potential.

To bring this into much clearer focus, R-MA disbursed over $8 billion in scholarships to our 2020 graduating class of around 45 students. R-MA students are often recognized for their academic excellence, leadership skills, and community involvement, all contributing to their success in obtaining scholarships.

2. Our Students Boast Excellent College Acceptance Rates

Our unique, rigorous curriculum, personalized instruction model, and pre-professional career pathways are geared toward ensuring that our students make their way to prestigious universities and colleges in the country for higher education. In addition to providing college counseling and advanced placement support for our students, we’ve also cultivated a ‘Going To College’ atmosphere around our campus and dorms that encourages students to work with our established support framework toward achieving their academic and personal goals. 

R-MA students regularly gain admission into prestigious universities.

Consequently, and unsurprisingly, our students boast a highly impressive 100% college acceptance rate. At the end of their academic journey with our private boarding school, our students regularly make their way to some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

3. Community Involvement Is a Proud Tradition at Our School

R-MA students are not just focused on their academic success; they also have a strong commitment to serving their communities. R-MA students complete over 8,000 hours of community service each year. Our school emphasizes the importance of service and encourages students to participate in community service projects individually and as a group. These experiences benefit the communities and help students develop leadership skills, empathy, and a sense of social responsibility.

4. Our Students Develop Accomplished Leadership Qualities

Leadership is a critical component of the R-MA experience. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles inside and outside the classroom. R-MA boasts a comprehensive mentorship program that includes courses in leadership theory and practice and opportunities for students to practice their skills in real-world settings. R-MA students have held leadership positions in various organizations, including student government, sports teams, and social clubs. These leadership skills are highly valued by colleges and universities and essential for career success.

Essential leadership skills are taught at our private boarding school.

5. Extracurricular Activities Benefit Communities

R-MA students are encouraged to pursue their interests outside the classroom. This can include participation in sports teams, music and theater groups, and social clubs. R-MA has a wide variety of extracurricular activities that students can choose from, and they are all designed to help students develop their talents and passions. These activities also allow students to build relationships with their peers and develop important social skills.

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