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5 Things to Know About Our Boarding School’s Innovation Wing

At R-MA, we strive to expand our students’ sense of creativity and help them on their way to reaching their academic and professional goals. One of the best ways they can do this is through our Innovation Wing. After our Innovation Lab became a success among our middle school students, the Hadeed Innovation Wing was introduced in the Stan Fulton Hall. This wing gives students a platform through which they can chase their academic passions as they learn by doing. Including simulation labs for drones and flight, as well as courses in subjects like robotics and computer science, there’s a lot that our Innovation Wing offers.

Students get a unique opportunity to use these services to their full advantage, as they learn to fulfill their potential and prepare for life after boarding school. Here’s how our Innovation Wing elevates our students’ experience at R-MA.

The Innovation Wing Teaches Students Various Subjects

When R-MA introduced the Middle School Innovation Lab during the 2016-17 academic year, students were able to learn concepts like robotics, programming, and coding. These were very popular and a resounding success, which is why they’re included in the new Hadeed Innovation Wing. Courses in various other subjects, such as graphic design, studio art, flight/aeronautics, and engineering are also held in the Innovation Wing. Furthermore, the lab can be used to enhance students’ experiences in the drone program, as well as act as a space for students to build models in.

Studio art is among the subjects students can practice in the Innovation Wing

Students Also Learn a Variety of Soft Skills in the Process

One of the most important ways our Innovation Wing can benefit students at our boarding school is by helping them develop numerous soft skills that can serve them well throughout life. This includes fostering their sense of creativity and critical thinking, as well as their ability to problem-solve. Through features such as simulation labs, students can increase their capacity for these skills as they learn in an integrated space.

There’s Also an Opportunity to Learn Flight Simulation

If your child dreams of becoming a pilot or working in flight/aeronautics, our Innovation Wing provides them with the infrastructure they need to further pursue their passion. This comes in the form of a flight simulator, which students can use to train and practice. They can also use this simulator, which is certified by the FAA, to accumulate hours for their private pilot certification. The lab is also home to a wind tunnel and drone program.

Students at Our Boarding School Use the Technology They Need

Technology is an important part of the Innovation Wing, and an important part of an R-MA education. For example, each student at both levels of our coed private school is given their own Apple device. This gives students the technological tools necessary for coding and programming, as well as for pursuing many of their other interests. In the Innovation Wing, students also have access to all kinds of state-of-the-art technology, helping them explore their interests in robotics, 3-D printing, and more!

Students will have access to Apple devices such as MacBooks 

The Lab Also Hosts Pre-Professional Pathways for Students

Lastly, students can spend time in the Innovation Wing taking part in R-MA’s Pre-Professional Pathways. By choosing a specific pathway to add onto their primary coursework, students can explore their potential future career in depth through one of three program options: Aeronautics, Technology, & Engineering Design; Global Entrepreneurship; and Leadership Dynamics, with another pathway for Health & Human Performance to be added in the future.

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