5 Essential Soft Skills that Students at Our Preparatory School Learn Before Graduating


Students at Randolph-Macon Academy not only learn many subjects in the classroom, but also soft skills they can use throughout their lives. These are developed through sports, classroom discussions, interactions with fellow students, volunteering, and participation in various school initiatives. Any skill students learn at R-MA is meant to help them not only reach their full potential, but rise above it by learning how to become the best citizens they can be, long after they’ve graduated.

Here are five soft skills R-MA students can expect to learn during their studies.

Leadership: How Students Become Better Citizens

A skill that Randolph-Macon Academy particularly prides itself on helping students develop is leadership. At R-MA, students have many opportunities to develop their leadership skills. As part of our Leadership Program, students are grouped into Life Teams, which help them practice collaboration and teamwork—essential skills for leaders to have. In the Air Force Junior ROTC program, students learn how to develop their leadership capabilities, become better citizens, and enhance their sense of responsibility. And, for students who are especially interested in preparing for leadership roles, we offer a Pre-Professional Pathway in Leadership Dynamics. Our Pre-Professional Pathways allow students to align their elective and standard coursework towards their passion, and gives them opportunities to develop hands-on skills in their field of interest. 

Critical Thinking: Teaching Students to See Things Analytically

The capacity for critical thought is a skill that students at our coeducational private school earn both in and out of class. For example, students can learn how to develop their critical thinking skills in our school’s Innovation Wing, where they participate in high-tech simulation labs and are frequently placed in situations where their creativity, problem-solving, and analytical skills are put to the test. Students can also develop their critical thinking skills through in-class discussions, projects, and more.

Determination: How Students Learn to Persevere and Aim High

R-MA students also get opportunities to develop their sense of determination, resilience, and self-confidence. They learn this by consistently pushing themselves to excel academically, by participating in athletics, by taking part in the Air Force Junior ROTC program, and by displaying a sense of GRIT (Growth, Resilience, Integrity, and Tenacity). To become a more determined and self-assured student will not only help them during their studies, but also after them at university and beyond.

Independence: Learning to Assume Greater Responsibility

Students can learn how to nurture their sense of independence by becoming more self-reliant and disciplined. At R-MA, students are encouraged to develop their independence through the JROTC program, as well as through their time living in the on-campus dorms, where they are responsible for chores and other personal tasks.

R-MA is committed to helping its students develop their independence by doing our utmost to prepare them for life in a post-secondary institution. After graduation, our students have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious institutions in this country and around the world, including Harvard, MIT, and McGill. 


Students can gain a sense of independence while living in R-MA’s dorms
Students can gain a sense of independence while living in R-MA’s dorms

Character: A Key Trait to Build at Our Preparatory School

One of the most important qualities an R-MA student can build during their time at our coeducational private school is character, and there are many ways students can do this. They can use both the Air Force JROTC program and mentorship programs to build character. In addition, abiding by R-MA’s Honor Code, which asks students to show respect, honesty, and trust with others at all times, also helps to instill character and integrity among our students.

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