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4 Things to Know Before You Begin Boarding School at R-MA

Students at Randolph-Macon Academy thrive in a multidisciplinary environment that prioritizes academic, social, personal, and professional growth. Incoming students can expect to be held to high standards with enough support to reach their full potential. Getting a head start on preparing for boarding school will help make the transition smoother and allow students to make the most of their time at R-MA.

With a number of different aspects of the curriculum, the general structure of the school, the activities available, and support services in place, students will step into themselves as they mature into responsible young adults. Here are four things students should know before starting boarding school to take advantage of all that R-MA has to offer.

1. Know the Basics of Dorm Living for Boarding School

Residential life at R-MA is a high point of many students’ boarding school experience. Through living with roommates, being away from home, and navigating responsibilities, students grow immensely. Their ability to adapt to their new surroundings, make valuable friendships, and compromise to ensure their peers are comfortable speaks volumes about their character development.

Any student looking to begin boarding school should be excited about all of the memories they will make through dorm living on campus. Students get to know one another on a personal level while taking advantage of extra time together to collaborate, teach and learn from one another, and share their experiences. 

2. Commit Yourself to Strong Academics

Students should be ready to commit to working hard to accomplish their tasks as they prioritize their academics at our preparatory school. The entire campus at R-MA has a ‘going-to-college’ spirit that boosts motivation and accountability across the student body. Students love to see one another thrive as they find success in their courses, and feel a sense of responsibility to dedicate the time and resources needed to their studies in order to maintain a thriving academic standing. The strong intrinsic and extrinsic motivation found across campus highlights for prospective students what their new academic endeavors will look like at R-MA.

Students should prepare to approach their academics head-on with support from R-MA staff.

3. Get Ready to Enjoy a Flourishing Social Life

Students looking to attend R-MA can also expect a flourishing social life, with plenty of time dedicated to building friendships, creating strong bonds with one another, and enjoying free time together. From dorm living to weekend activities, students have a chance to spend plenty of time with one another throughout their years at R-MA. New students can look forward to an open-minded campus that embraces the individuality of students while honoring their strengths. This creates the setting for a fun and non-intimidating social environment that leaves every student feeling welcome and valued.

Sports, clubs, volunteering, and free time on campus help students thrive socially.

4. Take Advantage of All Available Supports On Campus

Those beginning their education at R-MA should also know that there are extensive student resources available on campus. While some are used regularly by students as part of their programming, others can be used when students are in need. For example, students meet with their mentors weekly at lunch to check in, go over their current workload, discuss any concerns, and share any wins from the week. This serves as a time for students to confide in their mentorship groups and find solutions to any challenges they may be facing. Other student resources include the college counselor, expert instructors who provide individualized attention, a family-like campus community, and more.

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