4 Reasons to Participate in Team Sports at Our Coed Private School

High school is the perfect time for young people to explore their interests and abilities in as many avenues as possible. At R-MA, we aim to enrich the high school experience by offering students access to a diverse and vibrant athletics community, with a wide range of choices. Team sports are one of the healthiest ways to spark passion, enjoyment, and friendship amongst students. 

At R-MA, our sports teams offer an inclusive and stimulating environment for students to exercise teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. The skills, attitude, and sense of camaraderie in team sports can be applied to many personal and professional endeavors. Team sports at R-MA prepares students to take on the challenges of today with resilience. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of our athletics teams! 

1. Student Learn to Develop Teamwork Skills

Team sports are about more than just the individual. They are about learning to communicate, problem solve, and strategize for the good of the group. Participating in a close-knit team means that you have to factor in the roles and responsibilities of many individuals. This is a valuable lesson that students at our coed private school can take from involvement in a sports team. Understanding that others are relying on you to perform your job effectively creates a sense of personal responsibility. Students learn to take on challenges not only for their own good but for the good of their community. 

Many students will also have the chance to exercise their leadership skills in team captain positions. In those instances, students will learn what it takes to serve as a good leader. It means ensuring that your team members feel valued and heard, while looking beyond the individual to the needs of the collective. 

Develop teamwork and leadership skills at our coed private school

2. Our Sports Teams Offer Something For Everyone

Whatever a student’s skill set or background, the sports teams at R-MA welcome all individuals. Our athletics calendar is made up of seasonal sports that vary throughout the fall, winter, and spring semesters. Team sports include soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, softball, and swimming. Many activities offer both male and female teams, encouraging all students to participate. 

Each sports team is offered at several levels, so students of all abilities have the opportunity to set their sights on success. Our coaching staff is there to guide students based on their individual skill level and goals.

Students enjoy a wide variety of team sports offered throughout fall, winter, and spring

3. Getting Involved in the Community at Our Coed Private School

At R-MA, we pride ourselves on fostering a school spirit that is founded upon camaraderie. Participating in team sports at our boarding high school is paramount to this philosophy. Our athletics community offers a supportive and inclusive environment that aims to bring young people together over shared interests and a common goal.  

High school is one of the best times to meet friends and forge long lasting connections with your peers. For students who wish to expand their social circle, team sports are a great way to meet new people, as they expose students to new groups of people. Participating in a team allows you not only to meet new students, but also to develop a sense of community. Members of a team win and lose together, forming a unique bond and an enduring sense of camaraderie in the process. 

4. Nurturing Physical and Mental Wellbeing 

The mental and physical vitality of our students is a top priority, with the belief that developing healthy practices in your youth is the best way to ensure your wellbeing later in life. Overcoming challenges in sports is a great learning experience for students, encouraging dedication and perseverance in all of their endeavors. Sport highlights how both commitment and hard work can lead to success. Students can apply this resilient mentality to their academic studies and professional ambitions. 

Participation in team sports at R-MA also keeps students to a dedicated exercise routine through scheduled practices and games. Exercise is highly beneficial to young people, especially as an outlet for academic or personal stress. At R-MA, the coaching staff is there to support the physical wellbeing of players by ensuring safe, effective, and enjoyable participation in the team sport of their choice. 

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