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4 Advantages to Earning College Credits at Our Boarding High School

High school is a time of excitement and anticipation for the academic journey that lies ahead. As university admissions become more competitive, more people are turning to college prep schools to boost their chances of attending top universities. At Randolph-Macon Academy, we understand the needs of students today and are proud to hold a 100% college acceptance rate among our graduates. This is partly due to our advanced academic curriculum that offers students the chance to earn college credits while in high school. 

Earning college credit is a great way to help students have the best chance of success at university. It not only gives students a taste of different subject areas, but it also gives them a chance to hone their academic skills at a higher education level. Here’s why you should opt for college credit classes at our high school!

Explore New Areas of Study 

High school is a time when students are deciding on their personal interests and which subject areas they want to explore further. A huge advantage of taking college classes in high school is that you get to engage with advanced topics and see what studying in that field looks like down the line. Students can opt for classes that align with their passions and skills while taking the opportunity to explore different career pathways. Our boarding high school offers over 50 college credits and 17 Advanced Placement courses so that every student can find something for them. Whether their interests lie in Math, Science, English, History, or something else entirely, students can satisfy their curiosity with AP courses at R-MA. 

Students at our college prep school can explore their interests with advanced courses

Develop College-Ready Skills at Our Preparatory School

College classes are far more rigorous than those found in the general high school curriculum. They require students to approach their studies with discipline, good time management, and a desire to learn. College credit classes at R-MA are designed to challenge students with in-depth material. In the process, students build a solid foundation in the subject while honing their critical thinking skills and igniting their academic curiosity to arrive at a better understanding of the world. 

These qualities not only help students absorb advanced material but also prepare them to handle the additional rigor of college-level studies. By taking college courses in high school, students can learn to manage their workload effectively, balancing extracurriculars and social activities, for a smooth transition into college life.

Compete for College Scholarships

Students who earn college credits demonstrate commitment to their studies, not only in high school but at the higher education level as well. When it comes to application time, universities take note of those students who have already taken college-level classes, since they show dedication, academic achievement, and an enthusiasm for learning. Along with a higher GPA, college credit courses give student applications a boost when it comes to earning scholarships based on academic merit.  

The class of 2021 at our college prep school graduated 50 students who received $12.3 million in scholarships. By taking the initiative to enhance their academic profile, students can reap the benefits in their college careers. 

With advanced academic resumes, the class of 2021 received $12.3 million in college scholarships

Save Time and Money Down the Line

Earning college credits in high school is a great way to save time and money later at university. By giving themselves a boost in high school, students can prepare to graduate university on time or even early. 

At R-MA, students can choose from over 10 Dual-Enrolled classes with James Madison University, Shenandoah University, and Lord Fairfax Community College. Students who successfully complete these courses are able to receive college credit at universities in Virginia and beyond. Many of our graduates have gone on to colleges with enough credits in the bag to fulfill an entire freshman year of university studies. With the right academic foresight and drive, the next generation of R-MA students can continue on that path. 

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