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3 Ways You Can Support Collaborative Learning When You Donate to R-MA

Collaborative learning is and always will be a pillar of the university-preparatory curriculum found at Randolph-Macon Academy. More than 125 years of experience have taught us that our students are intellectually curious and deserve to be challenged academically, spiritually, physically, and personally.

Students thrive under challenges at R-MA that foster positive leadership experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through their connections with like-minded peers, students are able to learn from one another as they navigate their studies, community involvement, and extracurricular activities.

R-MA Teaches Students How to Work Together as a Team

R-MA graduates are confident in leading, following, collaborating with, and supporting others on their team. Our students support each other on their own unique path to university with a collective goal of growth and success. Through three key programs at R-MA – academics, student life, and athletics – students learn to excel in goal-oriented, team environments to better the world.

When alumni, parents, and friends contribute to R-MA, we are able to offer even more challenging and innovative academic programs, including Advanced Placement courses, Pre-Professional Pathways, robotics, and Aviation programs. Through these unique programs, students learn to take risks head-on without fear of failure. 

Whether students choose day or boarding options, they are integrated into a system that requires accountability and teamwork to build structure and grit. Finally, athletics enrich the lives of students of every ability as they develop their mental resilience and learn to work together outside of the classroom.

Athletics at R-MA help students learn new ways to work together to succeed as a team

Building School Spirit Through Collaboration

Because students experience such extensive teamwork in all areas of campus life at R-MA, the student body enjoys a strong sense of school spirit. Whether cheering each other on during sporting events, or congratulating one another on their latest academic achievements, students on campus create an undeniable energy that helps each individual thrive.

To add to this, R-MA encourages constant communication with its alumni and hosts annual events like Homecoming on campus, adding another dimension to our vibrant school spirit. Current students get to see the successes of R-MA alumni and learn how valuable the time was that they spent at R-MA. This helps to motivate and inspire students as they strive to reach their own goals.

When you donate to R-MA, students build a strong sense of school spirit through events, academic programs, and extracurricular activities

Support Randolph-Macon Academy Students as They Learn These Professional Skills

Teamwork and collaboration are skills that students can take with them as they venture on to college and their careers. When you support Randolph-Macon Academy, you provide our students with opportunities that enrich their lives and prepare them for a bright future.

Students adopt strategies to help them work together in the classroom to better understand concepts and reach a collective goal. This is something that directly translates to our students’ ability to thrive on a team in their future workplace. Here at R-MA, students always have an eye on their future, working to achieve their own goals while supporting their classmates to do the same. 

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