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3 Ways You Can Support Academic Diversity By Giving Back to R-MA

The curriculum at R-MA is one of innovation, rigor, and ambition. In an environment that fosters curiosity and confidence, students find their own academic interests and pursue those passions to success. At R-MA there is something for everyone, and our unique programs are designed to support each and every aspiration. 

From an extensive and diverse curriculum to mentoring initiatives and college counseling, R-MA exposes students to new opportunities at every stage of their learning. With the right support, our students are able to translate their interests into educational goals. If you’re interested in showing your support for R-MA, read on to learn more about how you can expand the pathway for the next generation of R-MA students. 

1. Building Personal Ambitions When You Support R-MA

Our private academy welcomes students from over 20 different countries around the world. Each and every one of those students brings new passions and ideas to the community at R-MA. The result is a student body of confident and ambitious critical thinkers who excel in a goal-oriented environment. The curriculum at R-MA is designed to support the personal path of every student, with broad program offerings at both the Upper and Middle School levels. 

The academic program in Middle School fosters personal growth through technology, innovation, and the arts. Programs cover everything from visual and performing arts to robotics. Students at this level develop a heightened awareness of accountability, time management, and structure – skills that will see them through their future endeavors. The curriculum at the Upper School level offers a combination of electives, experiential learning opportunities, and a capstone research project to encourage students to explore their academic interests. Student-led clubs are additional learning spaces that empower individuals to engage their personal passions.

Students at R-MA discover their own academic niche

2. Innovative Academic Programs

Innovation is a cornerstone of the curriculum at R-MA. Our educational approach is designed to prepare the next generation of graduates to enter the modern workforce on the global stage. To achieve this goal, we offer a series of cutting-edge programs that prioritize experiential learning using state-of-the-art resources and technology. 

R-MA is currently the only private school in the United States that offers the Air Force Junior ROTC program. Through a combination of flying lessons, field trips, and research using unmanned aerial systems, students are given unique exposure to the dynamics of the aerospace industry. Additionally, our Pre-Professional Pathways program is designed to offer unprecedented learning experiences, with courses in Global Entrepreneurship, Aviation, and Software and Engineering. Those who choose to support R-MA can help to continue our diverse academic offerings that broaden the opportunities of every student. 

Support cutting-edge academic programs when you donate to R-MA

3. Choosing the Right College

As a college preparatory school, R-MA is committed to ensuring that our graduates find success at the higher education level. A lot of research and planning goes into the college application process, and our experienced teaching staff is there to guide students at every stage. Choosing the right college is about finding the best academic, social, and financial fit for the individual. To ensure that our students make informed choices, academic counselors engage in regular dialogue about college aspirations and preparation for college entrance exams. By understanding the goals of our students, counselors can help to devise an appropriate curriculum that caters to the desired career pathway. In that way, R-MA recognizes the diversity of our students and upholds an obligation to support the future of each individual.

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