3 Ways You Can Encourage Perseverance in R-MA Students

As the world grows more competitive, there is an increasing need for young people with the drive and determination to overcome its many challenges. At R-MA, students learn that success starts with the right attitude. A challenging academic environment offers an opportunity for students to develop a positive approach to work. They meet new problems with enthusiasm and push themselves to find innovative solutions. 

At the same time, extracurricular activities at R-MA offer a fun outlet for students to take risks, succeed, and learn to fail forward. In each case, they strengthen their resolve to improve their talents. This results in a sense of personal reward as well as the success of others. If you’re interested in ways you can support our learning approach, here’s how your support can help R-MA graduates lead lives of meaning and success. 

1. The Power of Rise

The Power of Rise is a mindset at R-MA. In all endeavors – both personal and academic – students are driven by a desire to do good, and they learn to overcome adversity. At R-MA, we teach the accountability and structure that help every individual to reach their full potential. When students apply themselves to their goals, they come away with a rewarding sense of accomplishment, regardless of the outcome. In the college landscape and beyond, this is a characteristic that reaps success. Determination and commitment help students excel in a goal-oriented environment and translate their efforts into real-world results. 

fundraising for R-MA
The learning philosophy at R-MA encourages students to commit to their goals

2. Challenging Students Towards Academic Success

The goal-oriented approach to learning begins in the classroom. From a young age, students at our Middle School develop essential life skills, including time management, ambition, and a general outlook toward college readiness. By finding their academic drive early on, students at R-MA build a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed in school and later in life. 

At the Upper School, students apply this mindset to a more challenging academic curriculum. Our Dual-Enrollment classes and Pre-Professional Pathway program are designed to test students at a higher level in a subject that they have a keen interest in. These classes demand a strong commitment from students and perseverance in the face of new academic challenges. In return, students have the benefit of earning college credit and exploring a potential career path. 

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Fundraising for R-MA supports academic determination in students

3. Determination Outside of the Classroom 

Perseverance is valued in all student endeavors at R-MA. Extracurricular activities enrich our students’ character by exposing them to challenges and opportunities for achievement in new contexts. Sports teams at R-MA are offered at different levels to encourage students of all abilities to set goals and make their mark. In the process, students learn the value of mental toughness and resilience under the guidance of our coaching staff. The lessons they learn on the field can be applied to other ventures in their personal, academic, and professional lives. 

Additionally, activities in Visual and Performing Arts involve students in a hands-on approach that teaches them the importance of practice and commitment to their craft. Whether their interest lies in music, design, or drama, perseverance is a quality that translates student passions into success. 

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