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3 Ways Students at Our Private Academy Can Learn Self-Discipline During the Spring Semester

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we do our utmost to make sure students feel empowered, more self-assured, and more self-disciplined. Whether at the Middle School or Upper School level, students can utilize the resources and lessons they learn at our private academy to help them become more independent and responsible citizens. This isn’t just a lesson that takes place in the classroom, either. It’s something that is infused into many different aspects of an R-MA education.

Here’s how R-MA students can develop better self-discipline when classes resume for the Spring semester.

Taking Responsibility and Ownership of Their Academic Success

For any young student hoping to use their experience at Randolph-Macon Academy to get into a top college, academic success is important. Of course, reaching these goals means plenty of hard work, dedication, and self-discipline. At R-MA, students learn to take responsibility and ownership of their work, so that they can address mistakes and focus their passion into great results. Students can use regular study halls for homework and projects, tackling their work and taking responsibility for their studies in a structured and supportive environment that helps to reinforce good habits and self-discipline. Developing a strong sense of self-motivation at school can do wonders for a student’s self-discipline, and help them grow into a more independent, confident person.

By taking ownership of their schoolwork, students learn self-discipline

Teachers, Mentors, and Staff Also Help Students At Our Private Academy

Another aspect of life at our private academy is that students receive plenty of support and guidance from adult figures at R-MA, such as teachers, dorm counselors, and mentors. These dedicated professionals help model positive behavior and inspire students to do their best. As members of the R-MA community, students are treated like individuals rather than numbers, helping them to feel empowered throughout their studies. Our small class sizes also give students plenty of opportunity for personalized attention. This personalized attention and care helps students feel truly connected to their studies, which helps to foster a genuine love of learning while also boosting motivation and fostering greater self-discipline.

Of course, even outside of the classroom, students learn to become more self-sufficient and responsible. Weekly meetings with their mentor help students stay focused on their goals and accomplishments. And living on campus dorms also helps to foster self-discipline and responsibility, as students are expected to tidy their rooms, stay punctual, and absorb the lessons and life skills taught to them by their Cadet Life Supervisors.

Air Force Junior ROTC: Teaching Students the Importance of Leadership and Independence

Self-discipline is one of the most important qualities taught at our private school academy, and it’s a skill that is particularly important to our Air Force Junior ROTC Program. In this program, which all Upper School students take part in, students learn about the ins and outs of flight and aerospace, as well as how to build character and independence, and the importance of community service. This can help students become more confident and responsible citizens, and also improve their leadership skills. Learning these, as well as first aid and survival skills, can help students mature and become more self-disciplined in ways they might not learn at other schools. They are the types of life skills that can pay dividends later on at university, as students organize their schoolwork and tackle challenges with grit, self-discipline, and a commitment to excellence.

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