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3 Ways Students at Our Private Academy Can Build Their Confidence and Prepare for the Future

Here at Randolph-Macon Academy, opportunity awaits each and every student ready to walk through our doors. With an innovative academic program, combined with a number of complementary extracurricular programs, we provide a wide variety of opportunities that help our students grow into strong leaders.

At R-MA, students come to learn much about themselves and gain confidence in who they are. With the help of a tight-knit community, students are able to thrive as they prepare for their futures. Continue reading to discover three ways students build their confidence at our school.

1. The Power of Rise Encourages Students to Take Risks and Work Hard

Here at R-MA, our coed private school has adopted a mindset known as the Power of Rise. This mindset allows each student to take risks, learn how to succeed, and learn how to fail—all within a supportive environment. They also know that grit, hard work, and determination are essential to success, and aren’t afraid to put in the work needed to reach their goals. These components are all important to the long-term growth and development of our students as they take on their futures.

Students adopt this mindset knowing that their peers, the faculty and staff on campus, and their families back home support them. Due in part to this growth mindset, graduates of R-MA’s Upper School enjoy a 100% university acceptance rate, with several having gone on to top universities like MIT, Harvard, and more.

Students gain confidence as they prepare for their futures beyond R-MA

2. Experiential Learning Lets Students Take the Lead During Prep School

R-MA understands that students learn best by immersing themselves in the curriculum and having the opportunity to connect with the learning material. This is why our prep school has created space for each student to participate in experiential learning opportunities, such as in our Pre-Professional Pathways, Robotics Programs, Aviation Programs, state-of-the-art labs, and more. 

Access to updated technology and an innovative curriculum allows our students to engage in this experiential learning and prepare strong college applications. The more opportunities available to students, the more they can apply themselves in different subject areas, creating well-rounded and highly motivated students who feel confident in their abilities. 

Students have many opportunities to utilize innovative technology on our prep school campus

3. A Supportive Community Helps Students Discover Themselves

The supportive community at R-MA helps boost the confidence of each student as they navigate their way through their Middle School and Upper School years. The small class sizes, 9:1 average student to teacher ratio, and individualized attention offered at R-MA helps students excel.

Additionally, students are guided through the college application process as they prepare a College Readiness Plan. This helps students build confidence in their passions as they discover what they would like to pursue in their futures. At R-MA, both strengths and weaknesses are addressed and improved, and each student receives the support they need to excel at our school and beyond.

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