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3 Ways Our College Prep School Challenges Students to Succeed

Randolph-Macon Academy understands the importance of finding the right balance between challenging coursework and student support. At R-MA, students are immersed in a rigorous and innovative academic experience resulting in a 100% college acceptance rate upon graduation. This success comes from a mix of hard work, dedication, and independence.

R-MA’s class of 2021 saw 50 graduating students with a combined $12.3 million in scholarships. Each student went on to continue their education at leading universities across the country. Our prep school takes into careful consideration the qualities that make a successful student, and is deeply committed to fostering this growth in each and every student. Read on to learn how our school challenges students inside and outside of the classroom to foster well-rounded, personal, and professional growth.

1. Individualized Education With Small Class Sizes Fosters Academic Growth

The average class size for our Upper School courses is 12 students. Small class sizes are prioritized to allow students the individual attention they need to succeed. When you choose R-MA, we ensure that no student is left behind, as our instructors have the ability to keep a close eye on the performance of each of their students at our private academy

Not only will our students not fall behind, but teachers are able to notice when a student needs to be challenged further in order to continue growth and learning. Not every student learns best by the same methods, and with small class sizes, teachers can adjust teaching styles accordingly for students that will benefit from multiple learning styles. And if a student doesn’t feel that the class is challenging enough, the teacher has the time to supplement the student with additional materials and resources to ensure they are engaged every step of the way. When you pursue an education at our boarding school, you are choosing the best option for academic success.

Small class sizes at our college prep school give teachers enough time to dedicate to each student to foster growth through academic challenge

2. Honors and Advanced Placement Course Options Provide Academic Challenge

The Upper School curriculum offers a wide variety of options for honors and advanced placement courses that the students may opt into taking to advance their studies. These classes are found in all subject areas of math, English, science, and history. Faculty at R-MA is committed to meeting new students where they are, while also supporting and guiding them to their fullest potential.

R-MA offers advanced teaching and learning processes to support the needs of students of all backgrounds and academic levels. In addition to our honors course options, we offer 10 Dual-Enrolled classes in collaboration with universities and colleges in the area. This gives our students a competitive edge, collecting college credits for these course options while attending Upper School. With these added challenges, students graduating from R-MA have started their university studies with one full year of university credits completed before they even arrived at their new campus. Attending R-MA for our multi-faceted university-prep program will set you apart from other college applicants.

Honors and Advanced Placement course options can challenge students to display their academic excellence at R-MA

3. Leadership Opportunities Challenge Students Outside of the Classroom at Our Boarding High School

Another benefit to attending our boarding high school is the opportunity to be challenged both in and out of the classroom. At R-MA, students get to spend time with their peers outside of classes discovering and fostering genuine and meaningful relationships. Many alumni note that they made lifelong friends while attending R-MA, which is something that they are incredibly grateful for.

When students choose an education at R-MA, they will be encouraged to join, participate in, and even start their own clubs on campus based on their unique passions and interests. Our student-led clubs provide an engaging and enjoyable environment that gives students the chance to build their leadership skills and confidence in a setting that makes them feel comfortable. Students involved in clubs founded on their unique passions and hobbies get to share meaningful experiences with their peers, which helps them develop a sense of responsibility and ownership along the way. These challenges inside and outside of the classroom will help each student thrive as they find their voice and prepare for university.

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