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3 Ways Language Courses Create Global Opportunities for Students at Our Private Academy

Students who are learning a new language in school have a unique advantage, able to broaden their understanding of the world around them while cultivating an impressive skill set. The World Languages Department at R-MA encourages this growth and helps students become more effective communicators.

Students have the option to take a broad range of language courses at R-MA—learning German, Spanish, French, and Arabic at varying degrees of fluency. In this way, they’re able to improve their writing, reading, and speaking skills while learning more about the people, geography, culture, and literature of countries that speak their targeted language. 

Here are three ways how our language courses benefit students and create new opportunities for them!

1. Developing a Global Perspective in Today’s Interconnected World 

One major benefit of learning a language includes the opportunity to gain a new perspective. By learning how to communicate in a new language, students are able to better understand a different culture. This allows them to discover insights into a different way of life, fostering a deeper understanding and respect of other cultures and backgrounds. 

At R-MA, students can develop a global mindset by pursuing language fluency. For example, upper school students taking advanced German classes are able to explore contemporary German issues as well as contemporary world issues from a German perspective. Through this exposure to real perspectives, students can better prepare for today’s interconnected world—becoming well-informed and critical global citizens. 

Students learning a new language at R-MA are able to develop global perspectives

2. Building an Impressive Skill Set at Our College Preparatory School

Having an international perspective provides students with a unique advantage in the college application process. Students with strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills typically showcase resilience and grit, along with a keen desire to learn more about the world around them. These qualities can help students improve their college prospects.

By applying their curiosity and putting in the hard work, students can cultivate an impressive skill set at our college preparatory school using their language skills. Those interested in improving their Spanish or French can take Advanced Placement (AP) classes in either subject. In fact, Students taking AP French at R-MA can even be dual enrolled at Lord Fairfax Community College. Through Honors and AP courses, students can enhance their communication skills in their target language and develop a distinctive college application resume.

Students with advanced language skills can create an impressive college application resume

3. Providing Opportunities for Personal Development and Growth

Language learning can be a great confidence booster, equipping students with practical skills that are widely in-demand. Not only do students become capable of communicating effectively in a new language, but they also become stronger critical thinkers and problem solvers.

By studying a new language at our coed private school, students are able to challenge themselves and go outside of their comfort zone. Through their hard work, they can accomplish their language goals and become confident speakers of a second or third language. In this way, our students are able to advance their personal development and explore a wide range of opportunities with their new language skills.   

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