3 Ways Giving Can Uphold College Ambitions in Our Students

Randolph-Macon Academy believes in a future-forward education – one in which students are taught to realize their abilities and set their sights on excellence. In today’s world, a university education is a precursor for professional achievement in many fields. That’s why our educational curriculum is designed to meet the demands of the college landscape. We prepare students for lives of meaning and success, in college and beyond. 

Through a rigorous and immersive curriculum, students gain a unique insight into their future careers and develop a foundation for their university education. Along the way, our experienced staff is there to support student ambitions and direct them towards fulfillment. Here’s how your continued support can make a difference to the academic future of R-MA graduates. 

1. Opening the Doors to Higher Education 

Our academic program is renowned for inspiring success and delivering results. Each graduating class at R-MA holds a 100% college acceptance rate. The class of 2021 reached even greater heights, with 50 graduates receiving a total of $12.3 million in merit-based college scholarships. 

The successful entry of our graduates into higher education is a top priority at R-MA. Students take on a challenging academic experience that’s designed to inspire curiosity and ambition. From robotics to aviation to engineering, students will find there’s something to ignite all interests. Each of these programs complements the development of college-readiness skills, in a learning environment that builds confidence in academic achievement. When you choose to donate to R-MA, you choose to support a path to success for all students. 

Innovative academic programs inspire academic curiosity

2. Prioritizing Academic Support

Supporting college ambitions in our students is about offering personalized guidance to each and every student. Our College Counseling Program is there to assist students in translating their academic goals into successful outcomes. 

Every year, our students are accepted into top universities across the country. An important part of that process is carefully selecting the colleges that are right for them. Our experienced mentors and college counselor take the time to engage with the college aspirations of each student and direct them to the best academic, social, and financial options for higher education. To prepare them for success at that level, our faculty work with students to develop a curriculum plan that will cater to their individual career goals. 

Alumni giving helps R-MA ensure every student reaches their potential

3. Enhancing Student Resumes 

Academic innovation underpins the curriculum at R-MA. Today’s university landscape is competitive, and admissions officers are looking for applicants who can demonstrate a unique set of skills. With this in mind, students at R-MA are given access to cutting-edge programs that will prepare them for the modern world. From Air Force Junior ROTC to Cadre Leadership training and our January Term program, today’s generation of students can build impressive resumes that will help them stand out from the crowd. 

Our Pre-Professional Pathways combine the latest technology with future-oriented curriculums to help students gain the practical experience to support their career goals. Additionally, students will have the chance to complete a capstone research project to demonstrate their interest and aptitude in a particular field. With the right opportunities, our graduates go on to explore those passions at the higher education level. 

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