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3 Ways Fundraising for R-MA Helps Our School Maintain College Connections

Here at Randolph-Macon Academy, we make it a top priority to uphold our reputation as a college preparatory school. Year after year, 100% of our graduates are accepted to top universities in the US and around the world, with the privilege of choosing the right school for them. This is partly thanks to the college connections that R-MA has built and fostered over the years. At our private academy, students are able to gain insights into life at different universities, meet with admissions representatives, and earn college credits to prepare for their future.

As the university landscape becomes more competitive, these kinds of opportunities offer huge advantages to R-MA students. With the support of our alumni, we can continue to position our graduates as frontrunners in the college admissions process. Here’s a closer look at how R-MA upholds its college connections and the value it affords our students. 

1. Hosting University Fairs

Each year, R-MA is pleased to welcome the nation’s top universities to our campus for University Fairs. Students have the opportunity to meet with different University Admission Representatives and ask their own questions to learn about specific admission requirements, academic programs, and campus life. This is also their chance to establish valuable connections during the college application process. 

With a better understanding of what each university offers, our students are able to make more informed decisions about their post-secondary studies. This past year, our graduates chose to study at schools such as Boston University, the University of Virginia, the University of California, and many more. Through fundraising for R-MA, we can continue to hold valuable events that help our students find the best academic, social and financial fit for them.

Our graduates can choose the right university for them through college events.

2. Offering College Credit With Dual Enrollment Courses

R-MA is proud to maintain a strong academic reputation through programs that are designed for college-level study. An example of this is our Dual Enrollment program, which is available to R-MA Juniors and Seniors who are taking select advanced courses. R-MA provides advanced teaching and learning by offering over 10 Dual-Enrolled classes with James Madison University, Shenandoah University, and Lord Fairfax Community College. Students who successfully complete these courses are able to receive college credit at many well-known universities in Virginia and beyond. 

Opportunities like these are thanks to the connections that R-MA has built with key colleges. Just this year, R-MA formalized its long-standing partnership with Shenandoah University, generating new opportunities for our students. This kind of partnership will strengthen our current dual enrollment program while also creating a conversation around expedited admission and student life opportunities. When you make a donation to R-MA, we can continue to focus our efforts and resources on building more valuable connections like these.  

Through fundraising for R-MA, you can help strengthen our students’ college resumes.

3. Support for College Counseling When You Donate to R-MA

The success of R-MA graduates is underpinned by the efforts of our college counseling team. R-MA has a rigorous college counseling program and maintains an ongoing relationship with admission representatives at an impressive array of colleges. As the university landscape continues to change each year, our college mentors stay on top of current expectations so they can offer relevant advice to students. They are able to use their college connections to help students prepare for entrance exams, organize visits to campus by college admission reps, and navigate scholarships and financial aid. 

With the continued support of our community, we can position our students for academic success beyond R-MA. 

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