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3 Ways Fundraising for R-MA Can Help Create an Engaging Dorm Experience

Experiencing boarding life throughout the middle and high school years can help young adults prepare for life in college. Avoiding the major shock that can sometimes come with the adjustment to college dorm living may ease their transition into the new phase of their lives. 

Through R-MA’s comprehensive residential life program, our students can test the waters of living away from home, experiencing life with roommates, and managing their time on their own. These skills come with hard work and a little bit of help from the caring and committed staff at R-MA, and students graduate feeling ready for their next adventure – college.

Creating a Life-Changing Experience on Campus

R-MA’s residential life program fosters an unforgettable experience for each boarding student. By freeing up time that would otherwise be spent on commuting, students are able to maximize their academic and personal time to make the most of every aspect of their schedules. This turns into a great learning opportunity for our students as they discover what it’s like to spend time away from their families and unlock the freedoms that come with increased responsibility and successful time management.

As a precursor to college life, boarding at the Upper School acts as the perfect stepping stone as our students gear up to head to university. They get to live with their peers, stick to a schedule that suits their goals, participate in boarding activities, and take advantage of the support staff at their fingertips. Benefitting from a safe, engaging, structured, and personalized environment, students create experiences that shape their futures.

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Boarding students have added opportunities to spend time with friends through organized R-MA activities on and off-campus

Support Randolph-Macon Academy Students in Building Lasting Friendships

Randolph-Macon Academy’s engaging dorm life program gives our students the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with their peers every day. With 80% of R-MA students opting to board, they thrive on getting to spend those extra hours with their friends and cohorts. Students get to live with their closest friends under the supervision of a Cadet Life Supervisor, or dorm parent. This support staff role helps to facilitate dorm activities, relationships, and rules. 

Weekend excursions are planned to encourage socialization and to help students create even stronger bonds with their friends. Participating in new experiences together, whether in the classroom, in the dorm halls, or off-campus on a regular basis allows boarding students to form wonderful, unwavering friendships. As our alumni can attest, these friendships last a lifetime and become some of the best takeaways from education at R-MA.

fundraising for R-MA
When you support Randolph-Macon Academy, you help students gain access to developing lifelong friendships

Developing Strong Personal and Interpersonal Skills Through Dorm Life

Personal growth is undoubtedly one of the highlights of dorm life at R-MA. With the support of our community, we are able to maintain our Residential Life Curriculum, which serves as an extension of our academic environment. Through this program, we reinforce our students’ abilities to develop into responsible members of the community as they prepare for the challenges of college life and beyond. 

The weekly Residential Life Curriculum covers topics on life, civil communication, and positive choice-making skills to develop a deeper sense of identity, a desire and need to self-govern, and strong leadership skills. Cultivating these essential life skills helps students step into their own as well-rounded individuals who are dedicated and ready to make the world a better place.

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