3 Ways Donating to R-MA Creates Opportunities for Future Generations

At Randolph-Macon Academy, students are encouraged to expand their curiosity and set their sights as high as possible. Carrying on R-MA’s long-standing tradition, the primary focus of our institution is to prepare students for success later in life. With the support of alumni and friends, R-MA provides a comprehensive academic curriculum, specialized facilities, experienced teaching staff, and state-of-the-art technology that sets graduates up for entry into university.

Read on to discover how your contribution can make all the difference in helping R-MA to continue the growth and development of the next generation of cadets, helping them to achieve their ambitions.

1. Donating to R-MA Can Help Create Successful Futures

R-MA is committed to providing students with a university-preparatory curriculum. Every year, 100% of our graduates are accepted to universities around the world, with an average of $6.5 million awarded in scholarships to each graduating class. This year, the Class of 2021 received over $12.3 million in competitively awarded, medit-based college scholarships – a testament to the enduring quality of R-MA’s academic curriculum.

R-MA is committed to upholding a 100% university acceptance rate among our graduates

Our College Readiness Plan guides students through the college application process from the moment they arrive at Upper School. With a proper understanding of the academic, social, and financial dimensions of different colleges, students can make the right decision for their needs and ensure that they maximize their potential. By donating to R-MA, you can help secure a successful future for our students. 

2. R-MA Enhances Academics Through Summer Program Experiences

We aim to provide our future generations of graduates with experiences that go beyond the standard academic year. R-MA has invested the time and resources into developing an enriching Summer Program for our students. This year, we are able to provide in-person, on-campus instruction for both Upper and Middle School students. 

From June 24 to July 23, 2021, students in our summer program will take a variety of classes that are geared towards enhancing their academic careers. Programs include courses such as Creative Writing, Robotics, Music, and Flight and Drones. Our faculty and staff organize a daily schedule structured around academic lessons, campus activities, teamwork exercises, and off-campus field trips. This varied course approach ensures that our students are met with an immersive and stimulating summer experience that helps develop them into confident leaders.

R-MA offers students a range of course and activity options through our enriching Summer Program

3. Our Air Force Junior ROTC Inspires Career Opportunities in Flight and Space 

R-MA continues to stand as the only private boarding school in the United States with 100% participation in Air Force Junior ROTC at the Upper School level. The AFJROTC program maintains its solid fundamental course structure, teaching the history of flight, the aerospace industry, principles of flight and navigation, and space technology. 

Cadets also gain an in-depth knowledge of the elements of survival, first aid, health, and fitness. Alongside classroom lessons, cadets attend field trips to military bases, aerospace facilities, and museums. Students who excel in this program become part of the “Cadre” group of their graduating class, learning resilience and upholding values of teamwork and integrity by engaging in practical leadership experience. 

With the support of our alumni and friends, R-MA can continue to offer future generations of students invaluable opportunities like these, helping them to forge solid career paths.

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