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3 Ways College Counseling Supports the Future of Students at Our Prep School

College counseling at Randolph-Macon Academy differs from counseling found at high schools across the country. With our dedicated faculty and staff who choose to work for students to achieve their highest potential, we see fantastic opportunities arise each year. When students have the support they need and put in the work required, they surprise themselves with how much they can accomplish.

Because every student and every family comes from a diverse background with varying needs, R-MA works individually with students to assess the best possible options for their unique situations. Continue reading to discover how our college counseling program helps students prepare for their futures. 

Paving a Path to Success with a College Readiness Plan

The college readiness plan is a signature feature of our college prep school that not only helps students determine the courses and credits they need for college but also helps them find themselves and their passions. Paying close attention to their interests, strengths, and goals, our college counselors work with each student to magnify their abilities and, in turn, best apply them to their efforts. With their help, students are able to set off on a path toward success.

Working together, college counselors and students identify the best academic, social, and financial fit for their college studies. By discussing college aspirations, enrolling in an appropriate curriculum for desired career pathways, and preparing for college entrance exams, students couldn’t leave R-MA more prepared for their post-secondary education.

prep school
Students discover themselves and their future goals through our prep school college counseling

Personalized Mentoring for Our Prep School Students

The mentoring program at R-MA offers another individualized component to college preparation, helping students further discover their true intentions for their futures. With ample time to reflect on their ideas, discuss any reservations they may have, and find clarity in their goals, students at our prep school can further cement their plans for their college journeys.

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Mentorship at R-MA gives students further access to college advising and preparation

Mentoring helps students explore other topics as well, such as the time management skills that are required to succeed in university, as well as moral discussions and character building that will help them pursue their studies with an open mind. Mentors meet with students weekly for a mentoring session over lunch and work behind the scenes helping with course selection and college advising. Knowing that they always have someone to go to for advice, support, and guidance makes all the difference in our students’ confidence in themselves and their futures.

Invitations to University Fairs

R-MA is proud to welcome some of the leading universities onto campus year after year so students may interact with campus representatives, learn how university life differs at each one, and discover available academic programs. While students start to picture themselves at each university and try to discover where they will best fit, they also have the opportunity to make valuable connections with university admissions teams during their college application process.

With every opportunity that our college counseling programs present, all efforts point to our students becoming the graduates we know they deserve to be. R-MA grads are self-aware, self-assured, and intellectually adventurous. While they possess the perseverance and determination to succeed and thrive in their own lives, they are always looking for ways to support the betterment of their peers. College counseling prepares students for life after R-MA – at college and beyond.

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