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3 Ways Alumni Fundraising Supports The Power of Rise

At Randolph-Macon Academy, we are as committed to shaping each and every student into an honest, hard-working, and respected individual – one who puts their talents towards creating a better world.  

The Power of Rise is about encouraging today’s generation of students to rise to personal, academic, and professional challenges. In doing so, our students become leaders whose actions inspire and support others in their community. The Power of Rise teaches students to set their sights high and open their own doors to success, whether that be in higher education or in their professional careers. 

With support from alumni and friends, R-MA can propel students in their endeavors and widen their scope of achievement. 

Inspiring Change in Our Community

R-MA students are encouraged to support positive development in one another through a range of teamwork and leadership activities. First and foremost, our student life initiatives focus on camaraderie and mutual respect. 

Our Air Force Junior ROTC program continues to be effective in educating students in leadership principles, teamwork, and effective communication techniques. By teaching students to maintain standards of personal conduct, the program fosters character traits of selflessness, service, and integrity. Students can apply these experiences to many personal and professional endeavors later in life. 

Camaraderie is built through programs like our Cadre Leadership Training, in which select cadets work together in groups to complete problem-solving exercises and pass their training on to new cadets. In the classroom, discussion topics prepare cadets to take on leadership positions by addressing group dynamics, prejudice, ethics, and management principles.

Alumni fundraising helps R-MA support teamwork and leadership development in students

Supporting Academic Excellence through Alumni Fundraising

The Power of Rise teaches students to set their sights on academic success. Achievement in high school encourages students to push themselves towards success in further education. R-MA is proud to offer initiatives that prepare students to rise to the challenges of university. 

Our students continue to hold a 100% university acceptance rate across each graduating class. Graduates are accepted into some of the top universities across the country and the world, and our college counseling initiatives are there to uphold these achievements. 

R-MA maintains relationships with admission representatives at a wide range of colleges, welcoming the nation’s top universities to our campus for University Fairs each year. Our College Readiness Program promotes academic achievement by preparing students for admission exams and developing a personalized curriculum suited to each student’s aspirations.

Encouraging academic success in our students

Rising to Professional Goals

R-MA teaches today’s generation of students to rise to the challenges of the modern workforce. 

The Pre-Professional Pathways encourage students to explore their career interests and aim high in their professional goals. The program gives students a foundation in their desired field that will prepare them for the college admissions process. Through experiential learning, faculty mentorship, and a capstone research project, students explore innovative subjects including Aviation, Global Entrepreneurship, High Flight, and Software and Engineering. Upon graduating, the future generation of leaders coming out of R-MA have the incentive and confidence to pursue their career ambitions. 

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