Why Attend A Military School? How The Cadet Leadership Development Program Benefits Students

In addition to academic excellence and personal development, R-MA prepares students for various career pathways in the military. Students are also trained to reach their full physical potential in order to score high on the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). 

Through our cadet leadership development program, R-MA produces competent and confident leaders capable of making a significant impact on their communities. Keep reading to discover the unique benefits we provide to students at R-MA and how we enrich both their career prospects and personal development. 

1. The Cadet Leadership Development Program At R-MA Produces Strong Leaders 

The main objective of our program is to produce leaders that will improve humanity. For this reason, we are committed to shaping positive character traits in our students through various leadership opportunities, adherence to professional conduct, and etiquette. R-MA’s diverse student body develops the crucial soft skills mentioned above in a team environment, supporting one another along the way. Cadets in CLDP attend training four days a week. This training will consist of mandatory, for credit classes taken with their unit, not as a class year. Attending and working as a unit will enable leadership and mentorship opportunities, unit cohesion, common goal setting, and begin to develop an understanding of the importance of good fellowship skills as essential to effective leadership.

smiling R-MA student in uniform standing outside
R-MA students learn to serve their communities.

2. CLDP Prepares Students To Achieve Physical Well-Being 

The R-MA  cadet leadership development program prepares students to pursue excellent physical fitness and health. A holistic approach to physical and mental health is taken. Each cadet is encouraged to develop their own fitness routines based on their personal goals. In addition, our program teaches the importance of emotional resilience for physical fitness and overall well-being. Strong emotional self-regulation is a useful skill that encourages self-actualization and follows cadets well into their adulthood. We also teach the importance of  good nutrition for the mind and body. The physical fitness that our students develop in the CLDP helps students excel in a wide range of military career paths, providing plenty of vocational value.

R-MA students using laptops in the school gymnasium
R-MA students can explore a wide variety of interesting career paths.

3. Our Cadets Learn Military Courtesy And The Code Of Conduct  

Our private high school provides cadets with a solid introduction to military tradition. Our cadets are introduced to a strong code of conduct and learn how their actions affect the community at large. Students learn not only proper comportment but how to hold themselves accountable through the use of a personal roadmap. To prepare our cadets for success in military settings, they are taught drill commands and execution. Our Yellow Jacket drill team is a student-owned and student-led competition team that not only earns championship titles but comes together as a family committed to supporting one another on all of life’s challenges. Get a sneak peek at our drill team here:

The cadet leadership development program helps our students to become strong leaders, care for their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and introduces them to military tradition. R-MA consistently produces highly competent, service-oriented leaders. 

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