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3 Things to Expect from an Education at Our Private Academy

When choosing the right private boarding school for your family, it can be hard to know exactly what experiences each student will have throughout their school years. At Randolph-Macon Academy, we want each family to understand just what they can expect from an education with us.

The implications of an educational curriculum that actively prepares students for university go far beyond a college acceptance. With the acquisition of valuable soft skills, extensive community support, and numerous intellectual achievements, students carry with them each R-MA experience that has shaped them into strong leaders. Here are three specific benefits you can expect from an education at R-MA. 

Academic Challenges Available Year-Round

While academics are prioritized throughout the traditional school year, we believe that it doesn’t have to stop there. Our college preparatory school offers summer programming that is safe, fun, and academically enriching for each student present. While Upper School students (grades 9-12) are able to receive transferable high school credits, Middle School students (grades 6-8) receive enrichment opportunities geared towards enhancing their academic careers.

Available summer programs range from our most popular program, Aviation Explorers, to English, math, history, ESL, and more. Whether students are earning their FAA remote pilot (drone) certification, or adding another language course to their academic resume, they receive support in pursuing their goals. With age-appropriate activities supervised by caring staff, students are made to feel at home over the summer program duration.

Challenging, fun, and enriching academic programs are available all year at R-MA with our in-person summer programs

Extensive Community Support at Our Private Academy

The power of community can change the lives of students when they feel that their guidance and support are genuine. This is why our private academy prioritizes the creation of a tight-knit, family-like atmosphere across campus. Through opportunities to receive extensive academic, emotional, and professional support, students learn how to become leaders of their own lives.

Student Life at R-MA is designed to instill values of accountability, teamwork, character, structure and grit. Through the AFJROTC program, school athletics, boarding life, and classroom involvement, students learn these values and how to apply them to their experiences moving forward. Every community member at R-MA has a common goal: to see the success of each student as they step into their role as a strong leader. With this mindset, every student is supported with the individual attention they need. 

Because the community is so strong at our private academy, all students feel comfortable seeking participation in clubs, sports, and events that interest them

The Chance to Discover New Interests

With so many unique program offerings, academic and extracurricular, students are encouraged to explore their passions and discover new interests. Many of our students form lifelong friendships after joining one of the 25+ student-led clubs, or dedicating their time to a sports team. Because of the supportive community at R-MA, students feel welcomed in finding like-minded peers and personalizing their experiences based on their interests. 

Academically, unique course offerings allow students to prepare for their college education by testing out specialization areas such as robotics, engineering, computer science, visual and performing arts, aviation, entrepreneurship, and more. Exposure to these options as high schoolers enables students to get a head start on discovering their strengths and applying their skills toward a successful college career.

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