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3 Reasons Why Top Private Schools Offer Visual Arts Classes

Visual arts, an artistic discipline, allows students to explore a broad range of artistic formats, from drawing and painting to filmmaking and design. Schools with a strong visual arts education provide their students with memorable experiences, paving the way towards burgeoning talents and lifelong passions.  

R-MA students are introduced to a variety of visual arts courses that encourage hands-on involvement.  Through this type of approach, students can develop impressive skills in today’s advanced digital workplace while also increasing their self-confidence. By expressing themselves through their art and design work, students learn more about themselves and the world around them—applying their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to create meaningful and beautiful artwork. 

Here’s a closer look at why visual arts classes are essential at top private schools!

Gaining Professional Skills with Industry-Level Software in Graphic and Digital Design

Visual arts classes present students with unique challenges that require critical thinking and creativity to solve. Leading private schools offer these courses to provide students with the space they need to develop these skills, better preparing them for life after graduation. 

At R-MA, students have the chance to build valuable graphic design skills by using professional-grade software. This includes creating digital illustrations and logos as well as advertisements and magazine layouts. 

By studying design principles and working on digital media projects—like CAD, digital fabrication, video, and animation—students can create impressive portfolios to showcase their hard-earned skills and experience for college applications. As a top prep school, R-MA helps students increase their abilities and confidence, supporting them on the path towards success.

R-MA students learn graphic and digital design through professional-grade software

Strengthening Teamwork and Communication Skills through a Yearbook Class

Top private schools offer visual arts classes as a way to help students improve their teamwork and communication skills. Projects that involve time management and organization, in addition to design and research, allow students to strengthen their teamwork abilities—delegating tasks and communicating with others more clearly. 

Students at R-MA have the chance to participate in the Yearbook course, a student-run initiative that incorporates journalism with page design, photography, and advanced publishing techniques. This visual arts class can also increase student engagement, promoting teamwork and school spirit as students design their personal yearbook and record meaningful school memories. In addition to creating high quality work, this course equips students with real-world experiences and skills that lead to lifelong payoffs. 

Visual art classes promote self-exploration and a stronger sense of achievement

Promoting Self-Exploration and Achievement through Studio Art at Our Prep School

Visual arts opportunities are known to enhance students’ overall learning experience, resulting in social and academic achievement. Through artistic expression, students can gain better cultural and self-understanding—applying resilience and grit in order to master their craft and achieve their goals. In this way, visual arts classes promote a growth mindset.

By taking Studio Art, R-MA students learn to create 2D and 3D artwork by exploring a broad range of tools and techniques, including painting, clay, 3D printing, engraving, and assemblage sculptures to name a few. Through these projects, students can explore their interests and develop their talents, creating a portfolio that illustrates their personal growth throughout their artistic journey. 

Schools that offer visual arts classes provide students with various benefits, many of which last long after graduation. Our visual arts classes are designed to help your child explore, create, and grow—all while creating meaningful and memorable student life experiences.

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