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3 Reasons Why an Education at Our Private Boarding School Is Right for Your Child

Giving your child access to an education that allows them to reach their full potential is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. Different components make up a strong educational experience, including a well-balanced curriculum, strong support systems, multi-faceted extracurriculars, and more.

Finding a program that ticks every box can be challenging. At Randolph-Macon Academy, we have curated a program that puts parents’ minds at ease so that they can focus on their children’s great achievements throughout their middle and high school years. Continue reading to discover three reasons that make R-MA a great fit for your child.

Giving Students a Fighting Chance to Fulfill Their College Aspirations

With so many opportunities right on their doorstep, R-MA students often have a number of ideas of what they can pursue for academics and future careers. Our private boarding school gives students every opportunity to pursue each of their passions, become strong leaders amongst their peers, and build up a college resume that makes them competitive against students from around the country.

Students build strong college resumes at R-MA through intensive extracurricular involvement, community service hours, Pre-Professional pathways that explore various career options, and more. At every turn, students have the chance to explore their interests and determine their strengths as they continue on their journey to their dream college.

At R-MA, every student has the chance to do what it takes to pursue a future that is meaningful to them

Our Challenging Preparatory School Curriculum Helps Students Mature Academically

Students who don’t have access to a comprehensive academic curriculum like the one found at R-MA don’t achieve the level of academic growth they need to succeed in university. Starting in middle school, the curriculum at R-MA fosters an environment of collaboration through innovation, technology and the arts.

The Mentoring program at our preparatory school allows students to stay on track while developing deeper connections with faculty and staff on campus, who become points of support for students throughout their years with us. When students are held accountable for doing the work, while also receiving the guidance and resources they need, they are able to mature academically and set themselves up for life away at college.

Our preparatory school prioritizes accountability and academic guidance from a young age to foster organized and eager students

Leadership Opportunities Give Students a Sense of Responsibility

Students can find leadership roles anywhere on campus, from inside the classroom, to out on the sports field or through clubs and extracurricular involvement. R-MA Middle School and High School students have access to join and lead clubs that suit their own unique interests and allow them to develop meaningful relationships with their peers.

Being able to take the lead in their journey toward higher education is something that R-MA alumni appreciate after their years spent with us. As students experience life on campus at R-MA, they develop into respectful, honest, trustworthy, and strong leaders who are fit to see a better future for our world.

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