3 Reasons to Consider the J-Term Semester at Our Private Academy

When the holiday season rolls around, it’s time to consider the January Term (J-Term) options available. The J-Term at Randolph-Macon Academy is a 3-week period during January that allows students to participate in inquiry-based learning with exciting course topics. The options available provide unique areas of study that students may not get to explore during the traditional school year. 

These courses prioritize the advancement of specific career and life skills, as well as hobbies and interests that suit the passions of each student. Previous subjects have ranged from Drone Applications to Multimedia Content Creation, Photography, Mathmagic Land, and more, giving students a fun way to stay motivated and engaged with their studies in January. Continue reading to learn more about the value of the J-Term!

1. Launch into a Period of Innovation With Your Peers

The J-Term is centered around innovation and gives students a platform to cultivate new ideas and see those ideas come to life. J-Term courses foster collaboration and participation, giving students the tools they need to successfully develop new skills. When students return to our boarding school from winter break, they spend the first 3 weeks of January in these J-Term courses that act as an extension of R-MA’s core curriculum. The experiential opportunities allow students to immerse themselves more deeply in the subject matter. From Monday to Thursday each week, students are on campus learning in the classroom. On Fridays, students set out on local excursions to put their skills to the test and gain field experiences that complement classroom learning. The time spent with their classmates working on these new skills helps them to make meaningful memories and connections with one another. 

Classes such as Intro to Bioengineering allow students to explore innovative fields.

2. Explore a New Field That You’re Curious About

Branching out from traditional courses, the J-Term semester offers a unique and exciting perspective on education. Students get to explore subjects that ignite their passions, encourage them to ask questions, and inspire them to adopt new skills that they’ll continue to use in their personal and professional lives. These skills include flight and drone operations, survival skills, crafting, cooking, and more. In other words, the J-Term semester gives students the chance to dive into a new field in an academic setting–but with a more practical focus on life skills. They get to discover new strengths and personal interests, continuing to learn about themselves in a supportive environment.

Our private academy J-Term option gives students the chance to explore exciting new fields.

3. Make the Most of Your Time at Our Private Academy

During J-Term at our private academy, students come back to campus to further their personal development after the holiday break. Taking advantage of this explorative time is a great way to make the most out of their experience at R-MA; students have more opportunities to make memories and reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. The seminar-style courses give each student an opportunity to actively participate in all kinds of new experiences. Learning how to have fun with their classmates is just as important as learning how to work hard and collaborate with one another, which is why our J-Term semester serves as such an enriching experience for all. 

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