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3 Reasons to Consider the Aviation Explorers Program At R-MA This Summer

Summer holds a special place in students’ hearts as it presents a distinct opportunity to reflect on the recently concluded academic term, plan for the upcoming one, and enjoy a well-earned break. However, for students at Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA), summer promises a multitude of exciting potentials beyond the usual expectations.

Summer Programs at R-MA provide our talented students with unique opportunities to explore their interests, enhance their skills, and broaden their horizons. One of the programs on offer, the Aviation Explorers Program, is an exciting opportunity for Upper School and 9th-grade students to immerse themselves in the world of aviation through flight training, drone applications, and exploration of diverse career paths. With experienced instructors, hands-on learning experiences, and the chance to earn FAA certifications, this program offers a unique and comprehensive introduction to the exciting aviation field.

If a future career in aviation or drone application interests you, here are three reasons to consider the Aviation Explorers Program at R-MA this summer.

1. Gain Real Aviation Training and Experience 

Considered one of the main highlights of our Summer Program at R-MA, the Aviation Explorers Program sets the stage for an extraordinary flight training experience. Guided by seasoned industry professionals, students receive top-notch instruction and hands-on experience in both aircraft and simulators.

R-MA in flight simulation under the watchful eyes of a trainer
R-MA students get to experience real flight simulations in the Aviation Explorers program.

The Aviation Explorers Program at R-MA is the perfect opportunity for you to embark on an exciting journey this summer. Not only will you receive classroom instruction in Flight Training and Drone Applications, but you’ll also get the chance to apply your knowledge with our two school-owned Cessna aircraft and advanced drones throughout various stages of the program. Our comprehensive and hands-on training can open doors to new career industries worldwide for you.

2. Explore Drone Applications at R-MA

In addition to flight training, the Aviation Explorers Program at our private boarding school also focuses on the exciting field of drone applications. Throughout the program, students will learn how to operate drones for various purposes, such as aerial photography, advanced data collection for mapping, and 3D modeling. These skills are in high demand across industries ranging from filmmaking and photography to agriculture and infrastructure inspection.

R-MA students exploring drone applications
R-MA students interested Aviation Explorers program can also explore drone applications.

Participating in the Aviation Explorers Program this summer will help you acquire practical knowledge and develop vital skills that hold great significance’s technology-driven world. Beyond that, this program allows you to obtain the prestigious FAA remote pilot certification for drones, offering you a valuable credential to demonstrate your expertise in the field.

3. Unlock Unlimited Opportunities in Aviation Careers

The Aviation Explorers Program at R-MA goes beyond providing flight training and drone applications; it serves as a springboard for exploring the numerous career opportunities in aviation. Through interactions with industry professionals, students gain insights into various aviation fields and are better positioned to take advantage of opportunities matching their skills and career goals.

By Immersing yourself in the program, you can unlock your passion while exploring potential career paths within the aviation industry. You will also connect with industry professionals, receive valuable advice, and benefit from mentorship opportunities, which will pave the way for your success in future endeavors.

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