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3 Reasons to Choose R-MA Prep School as a Falcon Foundation Scholar

As a motivated and passionate Falcon Foundation Scholar, there’s no better place to prepare for the U.S. Air Force Academy and a future Air Force career than at Randolph-Macon Academy. Since welcoming our first Falcon Scholars in 2012, over seventy Falcon Scholars have chosen R-MA to equip them with the skills and values for success in the Air Force. From the Class of 2023, all of R-MA’s current Falcons have received appointments to the US Air Force Academy

With your strong leadership skills, academic excellence and high achievement, you’ll be well positioned for a year of preparation at R-MA between high school and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Here, you’ll enhance your personal and academic skills while gaining practical air force experience and physical preparation. R-MA is proudly the #1 Falcon Foundation School, where all Falcons entering the USAFA go on to graduate. Below, discover three reasons to choose R-MA as a Falcon Scholar.

Our Prep School is the Only One With a Proven Air Force JROTC Program

For Falcon Scholars, gaining practical experience is crucial for success in the USAFA and beyond. R-MA’s Air Force JROTC program has been in existence since 1975, with the goal of equipping graduates with both leadership skills and character development. All Falcon Scholars take part in the Cadre Leadership Training Program, where they build skills in teamwork and leadership while training for drills and ceremonies, school policies, uniform wear, and developing their physical fitness. After the Cadre Leadership Training, Falcon Scholars at our boarding high school will move up to the rank of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, and as a Flight Adjutant, will be assigned to a flight where they will guide 30 fellow cadets through training and orientation and all other relevant AFJROTC tasks. 

Falcon Scholars will also train for the USAFA Candidate Fitness Assessment, preparing for an optimal score. For those who are interested in flying, R-MA has its own in-house flight school, with the opportunity to learn to fly with one of our Cessna 172 planes or train for drone operations.

Gain practical experience with R-MA’s in-house flight school.

R-MA’s Academic Curriculum Prepares Falcon Scholars for USAFA Admission

While character and leadership are crucial aspects of a high-achieving Air Force career, academic preparation is just as crucial. R-MA’s Falcon Curriculum is specialized to ensure that Falcon Scholars are prepared to meet the academic requirements of the Air Force Academy, with courses in four key areas, including Science, English, Mathematics, and SAT/ACT Prep. Science courses equip students with the knowledge and the ability to use scientific methods and principles while engaging in research, experimentation and problem-solving. 

R-MA’s English curriculum enhances students’ communication skills, preparing them to think critically, as well as write and speak convincingly. Including Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry and Honors Pre-Calculus, Mathematics courses prepare students for advanced problem-solving and future expansion in the field. With access to high-quality academics at our prep school, Falcon Scholars are prepared to achieve admission to and perform well at the USAFA.

At our prep school, Falcon Scholars have access to high-quality academics.

Receive the Guidance and Mentoring You Need

Throughout their time at R-MA, Falcon Foundation Scholars have access to one-on-one guidance and mentorship, ensuring that their academic and military performance is aligned with the requirements of USAFA admission. What’s more, Falcon Scholars will receive support with the USAFA candidate application process, with mentorship in preparing for the Academy interview. With guidance, Falcon Scholars can ensure that they are living by the Honor Code, which will be applied at the USAFA, including feedback on adherence to school culture, rules, and uniform care. This specialized level of support sets R-MA apart in preparing Falcon Scholars for success in the US Air Force Academy and beyond. 

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