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3 Reasons Students At Our Private Boarding School Should Join Clubs

At R-MA, a student’s experience isn’t just defined by their academics—it’s also about what they do outside the classroom, too. Students at both the Middle and Upper School levels have the opportunity to join clubs. Whether it’s on student council, speech and debate, or the Philosophy Club, R-MA’s selection of clubs and extracurricular activities can help students develop new skills, make new friends, and make them feel even more integrated in our school’s community.

Here’s how R-MA students can enhance their experience at our private school by joining clubs.

Clubs Can Help Students Develop Greater Self-Confidence

Teens and pre-teens can often struggle with their self-confidence. Fortunately, joining a club at the Middle School or Upper School level can go a long way in helping students become more assured individuals, as they feel empowered to try new things and participate in activities that can help showcase their strengths. This can include joining the school’s Student Council Association (SCA), providing community service by joining the Interact Club, or taking part in the Speech and Debate team. Together, students can celebrate their achievements, work towards meaningful goals, and feel capable of enacting positive change in their community.

Students Can Also Learn To Harness Many Other Skills In Clubs

Joining clubs at our prep school doesn’t simply help students gain greater confidence in themselves. In fact, there are many ways joining a club at R-MA can further a student’s personal development. For example, they can sharpen their abilities by participating in competitions related to fields of academic interest. Middle School students can further explore their passion for math in the Mathcounts club, or take their geography knowledge even further in the GeoBee Club. R-MA’s National Honor Societies, on the other hand, give Upper School students the chance to further explore their academic interests.

Taking part in clubs can enhance students’ sense of creativity

They can also learn to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for philosophical thinking through the Philosophy Club or the Great Thinkers Club, as well as a greater sense of perseverance through clubs such as Weight Training and outdoor activities such as hiking or walking. Creativity is also an important soft skill that students can develop through clubs such as the Amateur Radio Club, Art, and Drama. In addition, students looking to hone their leadership skills might be particularly interested in Cadets-In-Action and the Interact Club.

Taking part in clubs and activities can foster a greater sense of community at R-MA

Students At Our Prep School Can Make Friends And Show Greater School Spirit

For any student hoping to attend our private boarding school, joining clubs and participating in extracurricular activities is a fantastic way to meet fellow R-MA students, and foster an overall sense of belonging and community. Interactions with peers in these clubs can take place in various ways, from discussions on books (such as in the Alpha Readers Book Club) or philosophy, to learning how to form detailed and well-organized arguments on the Speech and Debate team. Clubs at R-MA give students the opportunity to forge bonds with their peers based on areas of mutual interest, and help them become a more actively involved and dedicated member of the R-MA community.
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