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3 Academic Clubs that Enrich Learning at Our Prep School

The culture on campus at Randolph-Macon Academy exudes personal and collective growth as well as continued learning in and out of the classroom. With a diverse student body committed to future success, and a dedicated team of faculty and staff who help them see it through, students thrive in their studies and extracurricular activities that help them become the leaders and academics they want to be.

R-MA is able to offer a number of clubs on campus that help students capitalize on their strengths and pursue their passions simultaneously. Our clubs are plentiful, fun, and student-led, giving everyone a chance to find their voice. Not only do our clubs pose an opportunity for students to get involved and collaborate with one another, but they also bring a wealth of opportunities to our wider community. Continue reading to discover three unique R-MA clubs that enrich student learning!

1. Kitty Hawk Air Society

The Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS) at our prep school serves as the academic honor society for students in our Air Force JROTC program. Already deeply immersed in their academic and service commitments, these students have another opportunity to come together to achieve their goals in the KHAS. Its purpose is to promote high academic standards and achievement, school and community service, self-confidence, and initiative through individual and collaborative projects on campus and in the greater community. Through meeting club requirements and participating in meetings, events, and projects, KHAS also develops leadership abilities, recognizes academic excellence, and furthers members’ knowledge of the Air Force’s role in aerospace. KHAS promotes another level of immersion and understanding of students’ roles as they navigate the AFJROTC program and helps them connect their academic performance with their service roles. 

Our college prep academy students thrive outside of the classroom through their club involvement.

2. Mathematics Society at Our Prep School

This society at R-MA, called Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society, is an organization that helps boost interest in mathematics through a number of exciting events. Co-sponsored by leading national mathematics societies and associations, this club provides public recognition of superior mathematical scholarship and promotes various mathematical activities. Students at our college preparatory school who join Mu Alpha Theta get to explore topics in mathematics during club meetings that give students the time and space to develop a deeper understanding and enjoyment of mathematics. Mu Alpha Theta students provide peer tutoring in math, helping to cement their own knowledge in the subject as well as that of their peers. Mathematics Society students also often get to participate in a number of free events and competitions with Mu Alpha Theta, further holding space for students to advance their mathematical skills in an engaging and exciting environment. As such, this club parallels students’ academic progress and enriches their overall learning experience. 

Clubs are a way for students to connect more deeply with their academic passions.

3. International Club

R-MA has an impressive international student body that inspires students and their peers to adopt an accepting, open-minded, and respectful atmosphere that encourages students from all backgrounds to express their culture and traditions. The International Club is a student-led organization that celebrates this diversity on campus by hosting culturally engaging events throughout the school year. During these events, students in the International Club are able to fundraise and donate all proceeds to UNICEF. With a commitment to expressing, embracing, and learning about unique cultures and experiences, this club is another way for R-MA students to apply this forward thinking to their academics. Keeping an eye on the future and acquiring a more global mindset helps students become the best leaders they can be as they pursue their education goals.

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