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2012-13 AFJROTC Cadre Announced

On August 16, 2012, the student leaders for the Air Force JROTC program at Randolph-Macon Academy arrived on campus. These high school juniors, seniors, and postgraduates were given their ranks and position in the AFJROTC program at a promotion ceremony held on August 21, 2012 in Randolph-Macon Academy Middle School’s gymnasium. Within the group were the Academy’s first two Falcon Foundation Scholars. R-MA is one of eight Falcon Foundation schools in the U.S., where Air Force Academy hopefuls can partake of a postgraduate year. 

The students’ ranks and positions are as follows:

Virginia 91st AFJROTC Cadet Wing 2012-13
Killian Hopcroft '13
C/ Lt Col Commander
Allyson McManus '13 C /Maj Corps Vice Commander
Ashley McManus '13
C/ Capt Commander for Support
Ben Pederson '13 C/ Capt Commander for Logistics
Peter Jin '13 C/ Capt Commander for Operations
Juliet Arcila Rojas '13 C/ Capt 1st Squadron Commander Officer
Marcus Williams '13 C/ Capt 2nd Squadron Commander Officer
Felipe Angulo '13 C/ Capt 3rd Squadron Commander Officer
Andrew Criminski '13 C/ Capt Band Squadron Commander Officer
McKenzie Marshall '13
C/ 1st Lt 1st Squadron Executive Officer
Will Dennis '13 C/ 1st Lt 2nd Squadron Executive Officer
Thomas Abell '13 C/ 1st Lt 3rd  Squadron Executive Officer
Rabia Otry '13 C/ 1st Lt Alpha Flight Commander
Makaya Yao '13 C/ 1st Lt Bravo Flight Commander
Doran Elizabeth '13 C/ 1st Lt Charlie Flight Commander
Andre Lake '13
C/ 1st Lt Echo Flight Commander
Brett Johnson '13 C/ 1st Lt Foxtrot Flight Commander
Hunter Kaye '13 C/ 1st Lt Golf Flight Commander
Van Nguyen '13 C/ 1st Lt Hotel Flight Commander
Nick Anderson '13 C/ 1st Lt India Flight Commander
Manual Prado '13 C/ 1st Lt Juliet Flight Commander
Fahad Alsuhaibani '13 C/ 1st Lt Kilo Flight Commander
Lauren Allen '13 C/ 1st Lt Alumni/Development Officer
Neil Dutton '13 C/ 1st Lt Athletic (E2C) Officer (M)
Shaomei Lu '13 C/ 1st Lt Medical Officer
Kyle Cantarella '13 C/ 1st Lt Public Affairs Officer
Anastasia Voellm '13 C/ 1st Lt Admission Officer
Christopher Bell '13 C/ 1st Lt Cadet Development Officer
Huichuan Jin '13 C/ 1st Lt Security Officer (M)
So Yun Lee '13
C/ 1st Lt Safety Officer
Carissa Vaccaro '13 C/ 2nd Lt 1st Squadron Adjutant 
George Beals '13 C/ 2nd Lt 2nd Squadron Adjutant
Caroline Alexander '14
C/ SMSgt Command Chief
Robin Penn '14 C/ MSgt NCOIC for Operations
Kelli Hutcheson '14 C/ MSgt NCOIC for Logistics
Kim Deborah '14 C/ MSgt NCOIC for Support
Louisa Stanwich '14 C/ MSgt 1st Squadron First Sergeant
David Lee '14 C/ MSgt 2nd Squadron First Sergeant
Benjamin Gillis '14 C/ MSgt 3rd Squadron First Sergeant
Ming Gong '14 C/ MSgt Band Squadron First Sergeant
Madeline Chafin '14
C/ TSgt Alpha Flight Sergeant
Markeesha Gibson '14 C/ TSgt Bravo Flight Sergeant
Caitlin Bunker '14 C/ TSgt Charlie Flight Sergeant
Jiafeng Su '14 C/ TSgt Echo Flight Sergeant
Cole Mitchell '14 C/ TSgt Foxtrot Flight Sergeant
Anthony Catalfamo '14 C/ TSgt Golf Flight Sergeant
Emmanuel Arellano '14 C/ TSgt India Flight Sergeant
Rongsong Cai '14
C/ TSgt Juliet Flight Sergeant
Jung Hoon Choi '14 C/ TSgt Kilo Flight Sergeant
Faith Funderberg '14 C/ TSgt Alumni/Development NCOIC
Catey Borden '14 C/ TSgt Athletic NCOIC (F)
Alexander Douglass '14 C/ TSgt Medical NCOIC
Micah Peregrino '14 C/ TSgt Public Affairs NCOIC
Xiao Zheng '14 C/ TSgt Safety NCOIC
Student name for Hotel Flight Sergeant has been withheld from internet publication based on parent request. 
Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA), founded in 1892, is a college-preparatory, coeducational day and boarding school for students in grades 6 through 12.  Students in grades 9-12 participate in R-MA’s 91st Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and have the option to participate in a unique flight program. R-MA is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and is located in Front Royal, VA.